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Occupational Therapy Philosophies



Words: 427 (2 pages)

Philosophy at its very core refers to wisdom, learning, and the “study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline” (Merriam-Webster). Philosophies are values that we live by and create as we go throughout our lives. We can create them ourselves, adopt old ones, and modify them…

Poe’s Philosophy of Composition and the Raven


Words: 896 (4 pages)

In 1846, Edgar A. Poe wrote an essay: The Philosophy of Composition; his intention was to write an account of the deliberate method used when writing his successful poem The Raven. Poe discussed within the first three paragraphs of the essay what he understood as the ‘radical error’ in the usual method of creating a…

Chinese Philosophy And The Ch’in Dynasty


Words: 652 (3 pages)

Chinese philosophy includes three major schools of thought, which have had the greatest impact on Chinese culture: Taoism, Legalism, and Confucianism. Lao Tze, the father of Taoism, believed that the human is basically good. His views followed that of morality and humanistic laws. Legend holds that he was conceived while his mother glimpsed at a…

Leo’s Strauss Influence and Philosophy


Words: 618 (3 pages)

In 1899-1973, American philosopher, b. Hesse, Germany. Strauss fled the Nazis and came to the United States, where he taught at the Univ. of Chicago (1949-68). Strauss is known for his controversial interpretations of political philosophers, including Xenophon and Plato. Strauss wrote an influential critique of modern political philosophy, i.e., philosophy since Machiavelli, arguing that…

William Morris: His Philosophy and Working Practices


Words: 2579 (11 pages)

This essay is going to look at the life of William Morris and his working practices by analyzing his writing and historical and social background, and discuss to what extent Morris’s actual practices reflected his views on social and artistic reform. William Morris and the Victorian Britain William Morris is one of the most famous…

The Search for Filipino Philosophy


Words: 1184 (5 pages)

The search for Filipino Philosophy Is there a Filipino Philosophy? I read an essay titled “Doing Philosophy in the Philippines” by Dr. Afredo P. Co and his answer to this question can be summarized this way: Since the Philippines is a melting pot of cultures brought about by invasions, missionaries, trade etc. the Philippines has…

My Personal Philosophy of Education



Words: 2025 (9 pages)

Within this paper I will show reason and support for the development of my own personal philosophy of education I have found to be of importance that should be found in today’s classroom. I have a strong support of a safe environment and availability of free expression to be offered equally to every eager mind…

Jean Grimshaw’s About Gendered Discipline of Philosophy


Gender Issues


Words: 993 (4 pages)

1. Explain the distinction Jean Grimshaw makes between misogyny and philosophically significant ‘maleness’ of philosophical theories. Jean Grimshaw argues the idea that the discipline of Philosophy is gendered in some way by making a distinction between misogyny and philosophically significant ‘maleness ‘of philosophical theories. The ‘maleness’ of philosophy is characterised by the fact that most…

Film Analysis for Philosophy Class – Enduring Love

Film Analysis



Words: 950 (4 pages)

The film Enduring Love deals with a number of different characters and their lives after participating in a traumatic event with each other. In this paper I will defend the thesis that the title “Enduring Love” is misleading; not only is it not love, but it is also not enduring. The tragic event that the…

Comparison of Ancient Greek Philosophy and American Philosophy


Words: 2503 (11 pages)

Ancient Greek philosophy differs from modern American philosophy in many ways. We shall examine these differences (and similarities) in terms of family life, the wealthy, slavery, and education. Observing the lives of Greek deities and heroes in Greek mythology, in addition to Greek art, can give us some idea of what everyday life was like…

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