Apple: The Company That Knows How to Sell

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When you visit an Apple store, their direct marketing is extremely impressive. The staff working there are knowledgeable about every product and they convey a genuine enthusiasm for their work. As a result, potential customers are more inclined to make a purchase due to the thorough explanations provided. Apple also aims to increase sales to non-Apple customers by ensuring their brand is consistently promoted through advertisements and phonographs, thereby expanding their visibility and reaching a wider audience.

They heavily market their products on popular social networking sites like Youth twitter and Faceable. This increases the chances of people seeing their advertisements and potentially clicking on the link to view Apple products. Lately, the MAC has been extensively promoted due to its surpassing of PC sales and its ongoing growth in sales. The constant bombardment of advertisements on television and social media platforms has proven to be effective for the computer side of Apple, as depicted in the accompanying graph.

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Currently, Samsung is making efforts to become the top global brand in Mobile phone industry, a goal that is almost achievable. At present, Apple dominates the phone market with a market share exceeding 40%, surpassing its main rivals who possess just above 20% of the market share. However, Samsung has been gradually narrowing the gap with Apple by gaining a few percentage points over the span of one year. During this period, Apple’s market share experienced a slight decline. Nevertheless, thanks to the recent launch of two new phone models, Apple’s market share has observed a modest increase. I anticipate that when Samsung unveils their upcoming phone,

Samsung is projected to gain additional market share with their new phone in comparison to Apple. Despite facing heavy criticism, Samsung’s global phone sales have increased, bringing them closer to dominating the market. However, their next objective of providing hassle-free products that offer service and enjoyment for customers has not been fully accomplished yet. The new phone, which bends under pressure, has raised questions about Apple’s reputation currently.

Despite some faults in product safety, such as the screen’s vulnerability to breaking when dropped without a case, the overall corporate image of the company has remained strong. However, this issue has yet to be resolved, unlike with Android phones which are known for their sturdiness. This durability is often a deciding factor for people choosing Android over other phone options.

The drop in share price due to the bending iPhone 6 is an unusual occurrence, as typically share prices rise significantly after the release of a new phone. However, since all the phones have already been manufactured and many have been sold, Apple is unable to address this issue. Competitors can take advantage of Apple’s misfortune through advertising, like Samsung’s clever marketing strategy. An example of this is the image on the left, which shows the iPhone 6 Plus bending in front of a Samsung phone along with the text “bend to those who are worthy,” highlighting Samsung’s durability compared to Apple’s bending issue.

In spite of declining stock prices and negative media coverage, Apple’s CEO declared the iPhone 6 Plus to be the most successful launch in Apple phone history during its first month. The CEO stressed that this success was not insignificant but rather a major achievement. This accomplishment can be attributed to Apple’s advertising efforts, such as featuring Justin Timberlake in their commercials and extensively using social networking to promote not only the phone but also all their products. The image on the top right is from today’s Twitter feed (16.10.014), indicating that Apple is currently trending worldwide. This widespread attention comes at no cost to Apple since everyone is discussing it. Out of the three objectives discussed, two were positive, with advertising playing a significant role in their success and resulting in substantial gains for Apple. However, one drawback of advertising is that fixing issues that have already spread across all social media platforms and amassed millions of video views becomes extremely challenging.

Apple’s advertising is essential for its business growth and profitability, enabling the company to expand globally. Their successful advertisements and promotions have played a significant role in their remarkable sales success. The Mac has become the top-selling computer, while iTunes and iPod have dominated the music media market. In conclusion, Apple’s advertising campaigns have been highly successful.

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