Assignment Promotional Mix

When you go into the an Apple shop their direct marketing is very impressive the staff which work there are very informative about every product and they act as if they really want to work there, because of this people looking to buy the product are more likely to buy it because of the fact it is so very well explained. Another way Apple are trying to expand their sales to non- Apple customer is by making sure there name is always around with adverts or phonographs, this way people are hearing about them and seeing the brand.

They advertise heavily on social networking sites such as Youth twitter and Faceable, where almost everyone who has these can see it, this again will maybe temp them to click on the link to have a look at apple products. The MAC has been heavily advertised lately this is because it has recently overtook PC sales and now is breaking clear away from them sales wise. This tactic seems to be working as the sales continue to grow So the heavy bombardment of advertisements on TV social media have really paid off for the computer side. As you can see from the graph.

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Another objective which is on its way to being complete is to become the world’s leading Mobile phone brand. Apple already are the leading phone on the market as they have the highest market share over (40%) with almost half the market, their main competitors who have over 20% market share, however Samsung were slowly catching up to Apple gaining a few percent over the year whilst apple slightly dropped, however due to the recent launch of the two phone g’s their market share has increased slightly, but I think when Samsung release their new phone

Samsung market share will increase more from their new phone compared to apples. But they have taken a step closer to dominating the market as sales of their phone has increased all over the world despite its heavy criticism. The next objective hasn’t really been tackled yet, the objective I’m talking able to produce hassle free products that provides service and enjoyment for customers. This has been done but then again hasn’t, the new phone puss bends, and it has given apple a questionable reputation at the moment.

But on the whole the corporate image of the company has remained strong. But there always have been a faults with the safety of the products such as the screen, when you drop an phone with no case its more likely than not to break, this is always the main concern and they have yet to fix it. Whereas with an android phone they are a lot sturdier and that’s a reason people chose android over phone because they are a lot sturdier.

The disadvantage of this bending phone 6 had caused a decreased share price, which doesn’t normally happen after a new phone comes out normally the share prices rise significantly. Unfortunately apple can’t do such now all the phones have been made and a lot of them sold, competitors can use there misfortune as there gain with advertising such as the image on the left which says ‘bend to those are worthy’ with the picture of the phone 6 plus bending in front of the Samsung phone. Clever marketing by Samsung.

Conclusion Despite share prices falling and the 6 plus having bad media, Apple’s chief executive claimed it was the best start an apple phone has made ever in the first month he said ‘l don’t mean a little, I mean a lot’ this shows the advertising and promotion which apple underwent, which were the advert Ft. Justine Timberline and the endless amount of social networking that they did not just with the Phone but with all of their products. The top right picture id from today’s twitter feed (16. 10. 014) and apple are trending top worldwide this cost them nothing and everyone sees it because everyone is talking about it. The three objectives which I have gone through, two were positive and advertising helped it a lot and brought lots of gains to apple however the bad side which has let Apple down was their latest phone, the disadvantage to advertising is its very hard to try and ix something that has already been spread across every social media website and with videos which have over 2/3 million views on them.

Advertising helps apple grow as a business make lots of profit and allows them to reach out to different countries and the advertisements and promotions which they used were obviously very effective as they have had the best start to selling an phone the Mac has now taken over computer sales and in the music media market both tunes, and the pod makes dominate that market completely. So finally I think that Apples advertisement campaigns were a success, and I thin my findings back up my poplin.

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