My Future Job: a Skillful Diplomat

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Hello everyone. I would like to discuss my upcoming profession with all of you.

I took the university entrance exam in the past, following my parents’ influence in choosing a career path. I possess a strong enthusiasm for studying English and aim to pursue education at Vietnam’s diplomatic academy. My aspirations involve becoming a skilled diplomat capable of effectively communicating and acting as a link between different nations.

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Despite my parents’ disapproval, they think we lack the financial means to support my education. They also view the job I’m interested in as difficult. On the other hand, they would rather see me study accounting due to my brother’s successful career at a prominent company.

Upon completing university, my brother will help me in securing a favorable job. In order to actively improve my future opportunities, I diligently managed my records at the academy of finance. Despite investing substantial time and effort into this accomplishment, I did not excel in one specific exam, leading to a minor shortfall of 0 marks.

5 points required to study accounting. The academy placed me in the studying program for information systems economics. Currently, I am pursuing specialized education in accounting and financial information. It is evident that this field encompasses both accounting and information technology.

Feeling upset and unhappy, I had three reasons for my emotions. Firstly, I was disappointed that I couldn’t study with my two best friends as originally planned, leaving me to study alone. This caused a sense of loneliness amidst a large group of unfamiliar individuals. Secondly, uncertainty loomed over me regarding the purpose of my studies and the career path I will ultimately pursue.

Initially, my knowledge in my field of study was limited and I had concerns about finding a suitable job. However, I realized that these worries were unfounded as information technology is extensively utilized in the progressing society of my country. The support from my teachers has proven to be invaluable, driving me to diligently study and further fueling my interest in IT.

I recall my teacher sharing with me that it is the job that chooses you rather than you choosing the job. I appreciate this statement and am grateful for the encouragement. I have reached out to my teacher to obtain various documents.

Despite facing challenges and feeling discouraged at times, I continue to persevere in my self-studies, especially when it comes to programming, which can be quite difficult.

i aspire to become a skilled programmer in the future. (I believe my essay contains several mistakes. Could you kindly assist me in improving it? Thank you very much.)

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