Poetry Analysis For Merge Essay

Poetry can shape the way we see the world. This statement becomes extremely evident when analyzing the poems “My Country’ by Dorothy Mackerels, and “The New True Anthem” by Kevin Gilbert. Both poems have main ideas that contradict, and in some cases, offer a responsive argument. In the poem “The new true anthem” by Kevin Gilbert pitches a strong argument in response to Dorothy Mackerel’s “my country”. The theme goes on to state how a county that has been portrayed as beautiful and rich, is actually a horrible wasteland.

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Poetry Analysis For Merge
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The mood of the poem is a constant degrading string of misery and horror that pitches the audience to see the ‘true colors’ of our country, this is especially evident in many negative tone words and phrases like; “pollute all the rivers”, “litter every road” and “your hate and tyranny”. The strong use of adjectives draws a strong image of a bare wasteland full of destructive inhabitants and corrupt leaders. The poet’s attitude towards the country is strong and evidently negative towards Australia as a nation.

As demonstrated throughout the analysis, the poem “The New True Anthem” by Kevin Gilbert holds a strong hatred and visually disappointing view on Australia as a nation and attempts to place this view upon the audience. The poem “My Country” by Throated Mackerels portrays a much brighter, more livTABLE and lovTABLE country.

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