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Poetry Comparative Research Paper POETRY COMPARATIVESince

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Poetry Comparative Essay, Research Paper


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Poetry Comparative Research Paper POETRY COMPARATIVESince
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Since the beginning of the universe, world ever wondered why they were what they were, and tried to specify the curious dream they were in. This dream was called life. It was found similar to a great trade of things, which were largely wholly opposite to each other. One would name it an eternal anguish and the other would name it a joyful game So when authorship was invented, people started to set their thoughts about this holy value on paper.

These two verse forms I read carry a immense sum of life s elements, demoing the diverseness of pure feelings contained in it.

The first norm that separates these verse forms is the opposite feelings displayed against life ( tone ) . In the verse form called Life we spot a feeling of depression right from the beginning of the verse form. The poet asks Why? which when read with the rubric shows us that something atrocious is traveling in the poet s head.

On the other side Mother Teresa, seeing the positive side of life starts by the words Life is an chance, benefit from it. The first poet complains about the people who find life guilty for passing brickbats. Why should it non? These sentences show us that he s fed up faulting life for every failure, which underlines that life didn T smiling at him. As a Contradictory to that, Mother Teresa thinks that life is a vocal to sing. These illustrations show the difference of temper between the poets.

One of the most of import abilities that make a poet a successful one is his enunciation. Looking at both of the verse form we see that Mother Teresa s happy tone brings her a alone linguistic communication, which enables her to compose her verse form with original similes. One illustration to that may be the line where she calls life a promise to be fulfilled. However we notice merely several pieces of enunciation from the pessim

istic poet. It s original when he says: And if you can t run the race and adding Why are you in it after that. It shows us that he makes original statements largely when he gets angry. He besides does some rhyming when he says ; Life isn t carnival, Life doesn T attention, Life is merely at that place. Overall we can state that the happier verse form contains more nonliteral linguistic communication, which is a consequence of the temper in it.

When we have a close expression at Mother Teresa s verse form we see lines that are really poetic, but which seem to miss world after some point. The cause for that is that Mother Teresa seems to undervalue the negative sides of the eternal subject life, by utilizing a little part of it and by work outing it in a word: Life is a sorrow, get the better of it. However we can understand by the sentence I don t want to decease, when I haven t of all time lived that it isn t easy as said to get the better of sorrow or any obstruction which is from the dark side of life. From these points made, we can recognize that life has an ability to do you experience like a male monarch, or non even like a thing. To stress we can state that the tones of the poets really good depict the position life have placed them.

Without a uncertainty parallel sentences, give the Mother Teresa s poem it s significance and the rhyming sound. The statements Life is give the verse form a orderly form every bit good as underscoring the subject of Life every clip. Besides in the other verse form we see three parallel construction sentences all beginning with Life excessively. So, parallel sentences can be considered as an influencing device in the organic structure of the verse forms.

All in all, I believe that life is a long manner, a gift, a free drive with rough roads every bit good as roads with fantastic positions. All we need to cognize when something dejecting happens is that everything comes to an terminal, and that we must be happy, because what is genuinely sad is when we come to an terminal.

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