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Manana Habit, A Curse?

“Manana” habit, is a habit wherein people tend to delay certain tasks on a later date (Pepoa, 2010). Until now, “manana” habit is still common among us Filipinos and it affects us in both positive and negative ways.

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How did this manana habit get into the Philippines? This habit that is most common to us Filipinos came from the Spaniards who colonized our country many years ago (Maxxwell, 2009). It was a habit commonly seen in the Spaniards before and we Filipinos just inherited it from them. Until now, many of us Filipinos still have the manana habit.

According to Pepoa(2010), the manana habit can be also considered as the “procrastination virus” since it has a lot of negative effects to us. This habit has made us become lazier and less efficient in doing tasks. It is also one of the greatest reasons why we become less productive and why we give our outputs late which prevents us from growing as human beings. Since it made us lazier, it caused us to achieve less instead of achieving higher goals and it caused us to miss a lot of opportunities. The manana habit really has a lot of negative effects to the Filipinos especially to students.

Volcano ECIG claims that although manana habit has a lot of negative effects to us, it also has some positive effects on us. Since we tend to finish tasks on a later date, we are able to set our priorities on which tasks are more important. Also because of this, we also are able to get rest from the many things that we do everyday. If we consider all these, manana habit does not only have negative effects but also positive effects.

Since manana habit is still common among us Filipinos and it brings more negative effects than positive effects, we should avoid living with this habit

Pepoa, R. (2010, June 21). Manana habit-

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