Family Stress Essay

The third cause of stress comes from family and the most common causes are finances, work and health. The modern life always needs money, money for living cost, money for moving, money for children, etc. if you don’t enough money to pay for them, it will be a big problem. In addition, inflation is getting higher and higher, all costs are pushed so high. People always stay in state of nervous about money. It’s easy to make them stress. Work may also add to family stress. Maybe the job is not as good as they expected, they have to work for a long time with many pressures, their salaries are not enough to pay bills.

Especially the women, after their work time, they have to cook for family, tidy up the house and rear the children. There are too many pressures for them. But don’t think that only parents have stress, children also do. They always stay under expectation of their parents. They are obsessed by marks, achievements, etc. It’s really not always happy to be a child. One more family stress is health problem. When the health is not good, people will be nervous. “Is it serious? ” “Can I continue my work? ”. All of elements above can cause stress for people.

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Family Stress
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Family stress is easy to break the sentiment of family. When the job of husband is not good, he may get angry with his wife. When a mother has stress, she may give her children rats. Children have to live in such a family like that, they don’t want to get closer to their parents anymore. Those are the main reasons of the separation in family, also the biggest influence of family stress . in addition, there are some more influences, such as being unsociable, not concentrating in work, getting sick, etc. In sum, when a person is in stress, people all around feel stress too, of course.

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