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Fiction and Non-Fiction

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                There are many distinct characteristics present between fiction and non-fiction in the genre of literature. These two have their own distinct facets that try to appeal to readers. In particular, essays and fictional stories also share their individual characteristics. In comparing the two genres, one must look at the different elements present in every literary work.

                The first part of the comparison looks into the way each genre shapes emotional response in each work.  Looking at this instance, figuring emotional response depends on the writer’s capability to influence each reader’s feelings. This is done by properly incorporating all the elements of a story in a way that can the reader can associate his/herself.

                Characterization is an important aspect in which both genres affect each reader’s emotional response. For an essay to be credible and worthwhile to read, the writer’s characterization must seek to attract and inspire the reader. The plot of an essay must create information while the story line must be understandable. In addition, the theme and integration of other literary elements are also vital for shaping ones personal feelings. An essay must present in a way that the reader can relate. In terms of language use, the writer should create essays that are understandable to readers. Simplifying each work can affect ones personal feelings over an article.

                On the other hand, there is a difference between fictional stories. Since, the overall motive of this genre is to amuse readers, the incorporation of all these elements must revolve around the capability of the writer to entertain. In presenting characters, each one must be appealing in its own ways and can catapult the reader into reading more. In addition, the plot is very important in the creation of fictional stories. The plot is the very foundation of the article and varying the elements can help in shaping the readers feelings. Also, language is also an important facet in fictional stories. Language use must revolve around informing and entertaining the readers at the same time. The theme is also a vital instrument in shaping reader’s personal feeling. It creates an avenue for reading as each writer successfully incorporates all the necessary literary elements needed in the fictional stories.

                Shaping one’s personal feelings is a subjective matter. Also the way a writer captivates its readers to read can also be classified in case-to-case basis. However, in trying to compare the way fictional stories and essays shape readers personal feelings, it can be argued that the capabilities of the writer to entertain & amuse (fictional stories) and inform (essays) by use of proper literary techniques and styles are deemed important. Lastly, the question of preference comes into the scene. The style and techniques might be present in the reading but with the lack of interest, shaping ones personal feelings will be held at bay.

                 It has been established that a non-fiction work showcases that the author should present his/herself to be credible. On the other hand for fiction the author must present him/herself and his/her work to be entertaining. Now with this distinction, the paper will now present the relationship of these two to workplace themes.

                With regards to communication in workplace, there is an implicit relationship between narrative strategies in nonfiction and fictional work and the communication with regards to workplace themes. Since workplace themes vary in every organization and field, therefore narrative strategies conform in such a way that it is in line with what the organization promotes. The use of narratives in an organization clearly depends on the strategies implored by the company and the organizational culture it promotes.

                Relationships are also vital in the determination of narratives in workplace themes.  The practice of professionalism in the superior-worker relationship paves the way for a stricter use of narratives. On the other hand, in the worker-worker relationship the use of narratives resembles that which is informal. The creation of work themes depends on the mixture of the communication process, relationship and organizational culture present in a specific field or organization. Thus, it can be argued that narrative strategies contribute to the alignment and creation of workplace themes that are vital for an organization and/or a company’s growth.

                The next section looks into how narratives are used differently in essays. The different usage of narratives in an essay to promote persuasiveness and entertainment are determined by the capability of the writer to incorporate his/her ideas in the work.

                Narratives in an entertainment essay must use the literary styles and elements that are focused on amusing the reader. The theme of the writer in the essay must correspond to things that are interesting and amusing. Ideas and language use must be arranged in such a way that it seeks to correspond to anything that is entertaining. In addition, the integration of literary elements is also important. Usually, it is important for each element to connote something for people to exhibit certain reactions and responses to the writers work. Lastly, the tone of the essay must be clearly established. Since the tone determines the type of essay the writer promotes, it is important for an entertainment essay to exhibit its necessary elements for the reader to associate it as such.

                On the other hand, there are striking differences present in a persuasive essay. In a sense a persuasive essay has a more detailed and structured format. The theme is focused on a certain argument with its necessary supporting details. The language usage and characterization both seeks to inform. Moreover, the usage is often direct to the point. Also, the integration of literary elements is focused on these objectives.  The tone of the essay is more authoritative since the writer seeks to create an impression of authority and credibility.

                The element of entertainment in relation to communication process (serious messages) in a workplace can be considered as a difficult thing to practice. Often, the practice of professionalism and ethical relationships in a workplace hinders the usage of entertainment for both essays and fictional work. The preferences for a direct and professional usage of messages are more evident in a workplace compared to the entertainment type.

                Usually, in practice the entertainment type is prohibited in a workplace to practice professionalism and ethical values. However, in a worker-worker relationship, the element of entertainment can usually be seen. Although, it may argued that the practice of the element of entertainment in narratives also depends on the organizational culture present in the company, the practice of such can still be seen. Thus, the determinants of usage of the element of entertainment for both essays and fictional stories again are based on the relationship. In a professional environment, there are little evidences of the usage of entertainment element of narratives. On the other hand, with a worker-worker relationship there is a possibility for the usage of the entertainment element.

                The next section will discuss about the relationship between narrative and facts. There is a direct relationship between narratives and facts. Facts are the present and evident ideas in a certain environment or issue. Narratives are used by writers to illustrate and describe these facts to other people in such a way that they will be able to understand and comprehend. In addition, the use of narratives is an output after the collaboration of different literary elements and techniques explored by the author. The usages of narratives are therefore important in determining the organization of facts that are deemed necessary by the writer.

    The next section of the paper seeks to implore where the theme of each essay is introduced. The essays that will be used by the paper are (1) Pablo Picasso: Living in his own shadow by Ellen Goodman and (2) Tires by Vincent Spada.

    In Ellen Goodman’s essay, the theme of the story is developed in the middle part of the reading. She first indicated the importance of Pablo’s Picasso’s contribution as a painter. She informed readers of his contributions to the field and how it has catapulted him as one of the timeless painters of all time. In the middle part of the story she indicated the relationship between the dilemma of outputs produced due to age and Picasso’s capability to do such things in response to his age. After elaborating on the theme, Goodman pointed out the arguments that surround the issue. She arranged the details in such a way that readers might grasp of the issue being talked about. Effective use of transitions can also be seen in the course of her work. This enables readers for an easier understanding of the issue that she seeks to implore. Lastly, she effectively used the theme to generate a tone of informing and thus her idea that she presented resembled that of a credible and authoritative writer.

    With the case of Vincent Spada’s work, he presented his theme during the latter parts of the story. He used several literary elements and styles to make the story amusing and interesting to read. He develops the character by elaborating his several facets deemed to be important in the evolution of the story. The tone used by the author seeks to entertain and seek an interpretation in the story. Spada does not clearly define the concept of the struggle. He leaves it for the readers to determine this struggle. Lastly, by being able to incorporate the necessary elements in the story, Spada was able to create a narrative that seeks to entertain readers and deduce certain question presented in the essay.

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