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Fictional Analysis of A White Herons

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Fictional Analysis of'A White Heron' All good stories, be they fiction or truth, require some type of plot path to allow the reader to easily follow the direction of the story.Different types of plot structures will cause to reader to focus on specific details and apt authors can manipulate these structures to force the reader to see the story in whatever light they desire.In the story,'A White Heron', Sarah Orne Jewett uses a broken plot structures to cause the reader to focus on the stories' main character, namely Sylvia.

This broken plot structure also provides insight into Sylvia's mentality, which adds a sense of foreshadowing, and creates suspense leading up to the final dramatic moment in the story.These integral ideas that stem from the plot show how plot structure acts as the atlas stone in story telling, which is then complimented with characters and details that combine to make a strong foundation for a story.

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Fictional Analysis of A White Herons
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Once the broken plot structure is established it becomes immediately apparent that the young girl, Sylvia, is to represent the focus of the story.It is seen that breaks from the natural action of the story are done by entering a character's mind and hearing the thoughts or by the inclusion of background information which gives the reader an understanding of Sylvia that surpasses all the other characters that are introduced.The second paragraph, in this format, contains two breaks from natural action that both regard the girl, Sylvia.Thefirst break tells the reader that Sylvia is out in the woods with the cow because the family cow often runs away, and it has become the girl's job to find Mistress Moolly when she disappears.The second instance introduces Mrs. Tilley, Sylvia's grandmother, and information about Sylvia's past, which helps acclimate the reader to the girl.As the third character, the ornithologist, is introduced to the story con…

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