Fictional Script between Iago (Othello) and Jack (Lord of the Flies)

Host: (facing audiences with a big smile) Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen! Welcome back to “What’s Going on in Famous Characters’ Brains? ” I am your host today, Mr.. What. Now, I am glad to invite the greatest villains in Shakespearean and Gilding’s writings. (Audiences clap hand enthusiastically. Spotlight on Ago and Jack. Host turns to the guests. ) Host: Ago and Jack, your rising fames indeed captures everyone’s attention. Can you explain a little bit of the road to success and who would you like to thank for? Maybe you first, Jack?

Jack: (pulls a meat from his pants and chews It) Hunting…. Do shout out to get many boys, to sing and get you meat…. Forget about “giving orders” and the conch, they “don’t make any sense”…. You’d be chief, either “chanting”, “howling” or “hunting”. Have fun. Be fierce. Ago: (smirks) That is your way to get famous? What about the rescue out of the remote island? You care your tummy more than others, honestly. No wonder you are titled as the greatest villain In Shakespearean play. Oh poor Jackal (pause, weeps for a few seconds, then grins) But I am different.

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My fame is based on my “love and honesty’ to the Lord and friends. Their concerns are my first priority. I did not swear to Othello after promoting Cassia to be the lieutenant. There is no use and even stupid to get angry. Fame doesn’t worth any “merit” and “lost without deserving”. Cassia Is my friend, “A Florentine more kind and honest”. Let him have all the praises, while I should give useful guidance to Othello. Be faithful to your Lord no matter what! I have sacrificed my time with Emilie and turned Othello eye on the handkerchief, which is “not sometimes seen” on the lady’s hand.

And please, let me have one more acknowledgement to my dearest fellow, good Ordering. Without the sincere “money n thy purse”, I won’t get Barbaric to convince Othello of the oncoming deception by Desman! I shall share my glory as Othello highly valued servant with Ordering! Host: (nods) Right, right, right. Perhaps getting famous Is to be “l am not what I am” . Ago: (Interrupts nervously) That Is, to put away the self-centered mind set. Have truthful “shows of service” on friends and colleagues in reality to reach “peculiar end”. Host: (claps) Thanks Ago for his brilliant explanation. Warm smile) Audience right now must have mastered ways of success, to hunt and be loyal to everyone.

But e are even more curious to your acknowledgements, arena we, Jack? Jack: (turns away from Host, painting with red clay and “a black bar of charcoal”)… Host: (gentle) Hallo Jack? Lack: (finishes his painting) Call me Chief. I thank the existence of beast. Kick the pig— Witness “lashings of blood”— (“crouched” with awkward laughs, then nose to the ground) smell the traces of nature. “Crept” on your fours. Cut the pigs throat. The head… Is beautifully bind with blood It’s “a gift” for god… Our peaceful keeper… MY ability proof of a hunter. Sing to God : Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Spill her blood. Where’s the frightening “snake” or the beast? Fine, “we’d hunt it and kill It” in the names of the sows head! (crawls to Host happily)

Host: I can see how the beast benefits your fame. But what if two of you with Othello and his fellow friends? What will you do to stay in fame? Ago: (wry smile) Oh no, this is the worst situation in my life! I would be a granny if l, hopefully not, flirt with these young boys. Sigh) Life is dull without a story of “old black ram” and “white ewe” Host: (shocked) Are ladies really your final destination? Ago: (determined) No, ladies are “pictures out of doors” or at most “housewives in your beds”. They are simply decorations to my social life, extra things. If I am the chief, hunting is not enough. Do you remember a poor small boy trembles to talk of “beastie” and killed by the “snake-thing”-like fire? Do you remember the “four unknowing eyes” of Sam and Eric after witnessing the beast on tree? For I will warn the boys, these tragedies are based on overwhelming thoughts of beast.

Beast is toxic, “monstrous” in nature. Anyone who attempts thinking shall let it “poison his light” and drive into madness or even death like the small boy and Sameness. Believe it or not, the boys are too innocent to be in hazards and have the thoughts “abuse” their ears! I will make my stance clear: give endless support physically and mentally to these innocent boys. They will pay respect on me after realizing my supper against “poisonous mineral” of beast.

I will be a successful chief, while my boys will be strong once they stop “the mines of sulfur” all over the body! Your purport will hardly be strong enough to shake off the duty, that senseless and annoying stuff Ago : (feels confident) Do they necessarily matter? Ha, these responsibilities are “trimmed in forms and visages of duty’, for shows only. What matters is “their heart attending on themselves”, be your own loyal servant! The boys concern their own fitness and mood more than everything. They are not willing to work. Besides, fire and conch are obvious signals to beast: one is too shiny, the other too loud. No one wants to plant the “devil” ideas of “witchcraft” in their minds again.

So, I can foresee the cheer from the majority, saying thank you to me, the new leader who understands their fear and wishes so well! Host: mm…. It seems Ago gets confidence to fight against duty associated with Ralph and Piggy, wish you luck to be chief, with the use of witchcraft…. Ago: (feels nervous but answer firmly) It’s heart- warming words of warning the dangerous beast. Host: (shocked, then smiles) Alright, that’s beautiful speech. And it’s your turn now, Jack. Do you think you can play the role of Ago in Othello well? Jack: Yes, by acts. Never limit on the verbal talk, Ago, that isn’t convincing.

The Joke of “old black ram”…… Jack crawls down his seat, showing off his back with “dark freckles and peeling sunburn”. He creeps slowly “with flared nostrils”, yelling weakly. Suddenly he stands up and brushes of his “sandy hair”, showing the pure beneath the shadowed parts. He moans gently like a sweet cat and lies under Lagos foot. Ago: (disgusts) Oh get away, you foul creature! Jack: Your anger! Barbarian shall gets as furious as you do! Let conflicts rise with the aid of imitated actions of the animal-like life of Othello and Desman! (wicked smile)

Cut her throat. Bash her Tasty! Ago: Mind you, my place can’t get you sticks but long knives, “my fool”! Jack: Sticks are more direct weapons. The most primitive weapon is the best way for expressing anger. Happy smiles… Removing Cassia… (kneels down) Othello will thank me! Host: That’s depend on your performance but ability. Ago and Jack, if you are rewarded with a special ability, what will you hope for and why? Ago: (gets excited) I must beg for a mind-controlling ability for sure.

Host: Oh wow, that’s an incredible power! Still, I believe you are intelligent to convince others, like the repetitive phrase of “put money in thy purse” is the best brain washing example… Are you sure you want this new power? Ago: Absolutely. Being talkative is an attempt to influence others, but is not promising in getting things smooth. All I need now is a force to manipulate someone’s thought according to my own preference. And mind-controlling is my perfect choice. Imagine if it is put between Ordering and me, do I need to waste my time on the talk of “bed and sleep”?

Honestly, Orderings claim of death will scare me! I should share tit him the visages of “Guiana-hen” and “wild cats” and the messages of the “error” women instead. He should reduce my stress by confessing his faults directly of ever loving a lady. Things can carry much, much easier when you use mind-controlling. I mean, it is the way to avoid your friend from getting trapped by those silly thoughts women are nasty and only know “to bed to work”! Host: It’s interesting to see how your new ability will work. Is the mind-controlling limited to a person only? Ago: (laughs) Of course not!

Not only does it a tool amend the wrongdoings of Ordering, it is a matter of our city’s future! Remember the Othello anxiety when he urges for “a living reason” of her disloyal wife? I have to let him witness the parties of “goats”, “monkeys” and “wolves”. Mind-controlling will surely tackle his nerve by the super stimulation from my brain. He should have regretted to marry the “monstrous” wife and be a good solider again. Oh wake up from those wild kisses! Ha, Othello will sense my love and perhaps “honesty’ as well, treasuring me more! Say hurray to the brave Othello! Host: May god blesses you for this talent!

Jack falls asleep. Strangely he murmurs words, lifting arms as if he is begging omen. ) Host: (concerns Jack, serious tone) Jack, are you okay? It’s your turn now…. (shakes his shoulders) Jack: (murmurs) God… I worship you…. I need you…. The power…. I admire you……. Host: (whispers) Jack, our show is on air currently… (smiles at the camera) Everyone are interested in your mysterious words, can you explain them? Are they related to… (stresses on the coming word) beast? Jack: (wide awake and grabs the host’s arms) Is that you, beastie? I need the power of transformation into a sow… Host: That’s creepy!

You once claim “we’re frightened sometimes” in rent of the monster, how come you are into that thing so much? Jack: I love its “awful noise” The motivation to group my boys “a real hunt”, an excited adventure! (stands up, faces the ceiling)The origin of the hunters’ spirit, the source of happiness rejoice! I need an access… I need to secure… “To be chief” forever… (Eyes on host) Plant the ideas of the existing beast into boys… “Do our dance! Come on! Dance”… Without the controller of beast, they shall suffer… I’m the peacekeeper, so, dance, dance All for your fortune! (Turns to Ago) I’m doing good for everyone…

I’m the deader of chanting, Just one shout, one roar, shall freaks Ralph and his fatty mate out! Jack picks out his unfinished piece of meat from his pocket again, chewing happily, with “the tearing of teeth and claws”. ) Host: I’d scare to death when I see the bloody mouth of beast… Anyway;ay, while Jack is enjoying his meat, our show has come to an end.

Thank you Ago and Jack for the time in “What’s Going on in Famous Characters’ Brains?! Stay tuned ND see you all on Sunday at 8:pm. Bye! Jack: mask painting. Beastie. Hunting. No rescue(no house building), hates specs and conch, hates piggy But if there was a snake we’d hunt it and kill it Am I a hunter or am I not? But you can feel as if you’re not hunting, but- being hunted Kill the pig, cut her throat, spill her blood I apologies.

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