Fictional Script between Iago (Othello) and Jack (Lord of the Flies)

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Host: (facing audiences with a big smile) Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen! Welcome back to “What’s Going on in Famous Characters’ Brains? ” I am your host today, Mr.. What. Now, I am glad to invite the greatest villains in Shakespearean and Gilding’s writings. (Audiences clap hand enthusiastically. Spotlight on Ago and Jack. Host turns to the guests. )

Host: Ago and Jack, your rising fames indeed captures everyone’s attention. Can you explain a little bit of the road to success and who would you like to thank for? Maybe you first, Jack?

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Jack: (pulls meat out of his pants and begins chewing it) Hunting… Call out to attract other boys, have them sing and bring you meat… Forget about “giving orders” and the conch, they don’t make any sense… You would become chief by chanting, howling, or hunting. Enjoy yourself. Be fierce.
Ralph: (smirks) Is that how you plan to become famous? What about getting rescued from this deserted island? You care more about your own stomach than others, honestly. It’s no surprise you’re called the greatest villain in a Shakespearean play. Oh poor Jackal… (pauses, cries for a few seconds, then grins) But I am different.

I am famous for my “love and honesty” towards the Lord and friends. Their concerns are my top priority. I did not swear to Othello after promoting Cassia to the rank of lieutenant. It is pointless and foolish to become angry. Fame is not worth any “merit” or being “unjustly lost.” Cassia is my friend, “a Florentine who is kind and honest.” Let him receive all the praises, while I provide helpful guidance to Othello. Remain loyal to your Lord, no matter what! I have given up my time with Emilie and directed Othello’s attention to the handkerchief, which is “sometimes not seen” in a lady’s hand.

And please, let me express my gratitude to my dear friend, Good Ordering. Without his sincere financial support, I would not have been able to convince Othello of Desman’s forthcoming deception. I will share my success as Othello’s trusted servant with Good Ordering! Host: (nodding) Yes, absolutely. Perhaps achieving fame is about being someone different from who we truly are. Ago: (Interrupts nervously) That is, abandoning selfishness and genuinely serving our friends and colleagues in order to achieve our unique goals. Host: (clapping) Thank you, Ago, for your insightful explanation. I can see that the audience has now learned the paths to success in both personal and professional relationships.

But we are even more curious to your acknowledgements, are we, Jack? Jack: (turns away from Host, painting with red clay and “a black bar of charcoal”)… Host: (gentle) Hello Jack? Jack: (finishes his painting) Call me Chief. I am grateful for the existence of the beast. Kick the pig— Acknowledge “lashings of blood”— (“crouched” with awkward laughs, then nose to the ground) smell the traces of nature. “Crept” on your fours. Cut the pig’s throat. The head… Is beautifully bound with blood. It’s “a gift” for god… Our peaceful keeper… MY ability is proof of a hunter. Sing to God: Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Spill her blood. Where is the frightening “snake” or the beast? Fine, “we’d hunt it and kill it” in the names of the sow’s head! (crawls to Host happily)

Host: I can understand how the creature benefits your reputation. But what if you have to deal with both Othello and his friends? How will you maintain your fame?

Ago: (with a sarcastic smile) Oh no, this is the worst situation I could be in! I would rather be a grandmother than flirt with these young boys. Sigh) Life becomes dull without a story involving an “old black ram” and a “white ewe”.

Host: (shocked) Are women truly your ultimate goal?

Ago: (determined) No, women are like “pictures outside”, merely decorations in my social life or at most “housewives in your beds”. They are just extras. As the leader, hunting alone is not enough. Do you recall a poor young boy who shivered while talking about the “beastie” and got killed by the “snake-thing” resembling fire? Do you remember the “four innocent eyes” of Sam and Eric after seeing the beast on the tree? I will caution the boys, as these tragedies are based on overwhelming thoughts of the beast.

The beast is a toxic and monstrous presence. Anyone who dares to contemplate it will be infected with its poison and spiral into madness or even death, just like the small boy and Sameness. It may be hard to believe, but these boys are too innocent to face such dangers and have their minds corrupted. I want to make it clear where I stand: I will provide unwavering physical and mental support to these innocent boys. Once they recognize my opposition to the harmful influence of the beast, they will show me their gratitude.

I will become a successful chief, while my boys will become strong once they stop spreading “the mines of sulfur” all over their bodies! Your purpose will not be strong enough to shake off the duty, that senseless and annoying stuff Ago : (feels confident) Do they really matter? Ha, these responsibilities are superficial and showy. What matters is being loyal to oneself! The boys prioritize their own well-being and emotions above everything else. They are not willing to work. Furthermore, fire and conch are clear signals to the beast: one is too bright, the other too loud. No one wants to implant the wicked ideas of witchcraft in their minds again.

So, the majority will cheer and thank me, the new leader who understands their fear and wishes well! Host: mm…. It appears that Ago is gaining confidence to fight against Ralph and Piggy’s associated duties; good luck being the chief with the use of witchcraft…. Ago: (feeling nervous but answering firmly) These are heartwarming words, warning about the dangerous beast. Host: (shocked, then smiling) Alright, that’s a beautiful speech. Now it’s your turn, Jack. Do you think you can play the role of Ago in Othello well? Jack: Yes, through actions. Don’t limit it to just verbal talk, Ago, as that isn’t convincing enough.

The joke revolves around Jack’s portrayal of a character with a dark complexion, comparing himself to an “old black ram.” Jack crawls out of his seat, revealing his back covered in freckles and sunburn. He approaches slowly, flaring his nostrils and weakly shouting. Suddenly, he stands up and runs his fingers through his sandy hair, revealing his lighter skin underneath the shaded areas. He softly moans like a contented cat and lies down beneath Lagos’ foot. Ago expresses disgust, telling Jack to go away as a foul creature. Jack cunningly responds, stating that his anger will match Ago’s fury. He suggests that conflicts should arise through imitating the animal-like behavior of Othello and Desman while wearing a wicked smile.

Cut her throat. Bash her Tasty! Ago: Mind you, my place can’t get you sticks but long knives, “my fool”! Jack: Sticks are more direct weapons. The most primitive weapon is the best way for expressing anger. Happy smiles… Removing Cassia… (kneels down) Othello will thank me! Host: That’s depend on your performance but ability. Ago and Jack, if you are rewarded with a special ability, what will you hope for and why? Ago: (gets excited) I must beg for a mind-controlling ability for sure.

Host: I find your power to be quite remarkable! However, I think your intelligence is what really allows you to persuade others. For instance, the way you repetitively say “put money in thy purse” is a great example of effective brainwashing… Are you certain that you want this new ability?

Ago: Absolutely. Being persuasive through speech is one way to influence others, but it doesn’t always guarantee smooth outcomes. What I truly need is a means to manipulate someone’s thoughts in line with my own preferences. Mind control is the perfect choice for me. Just think about it, if it were placed between Ordering and me, would I still need to waste time on discussing “bed and sleep”?

Honestly, I will be scared by Orderings’ claim of death! Instead, I should show him the images of “Guiana-hen” and “wild cats” and share the messages of the “error” women. He should ease my stress by admitting his mistakes of ever loving a woman directly. Using mind-controlling makes things much, much easier. It’s a way to prevent your friend from being trapped by the foolish thoughts that women are nasty and only interested in “bed and work”! Host: It’s fascinating to see how your newfound ability will function. Does the mind-control only apply to individuals? Ago: (laughs) Definitely not!

Not only is it a tool to amend the wrongdoings of Ordering, but it is also a matter of our city’s future! Recall the Othello anxiety when he urges for “a living reason” of his disloyal wife? I must let him witness the parties of “goats”, “monkeys”, and “wolves”. Mind-controlling will certainly tackle his nerve with the super stimulation from my brain. He should have regretted marrying the “monstrous” wife and become a good soldier again. Oh, wake up from those wild kisses! Ha, Othello will perceive my love and possibly my “honesty” too, cherishing me even more! Let’s cheer for the brave Othello! Host: May God bless you for this talent!

Jack falls asleep and begins murmuring words, while lifting his arms as if begging for an omen. The host, concerned, addresses Jack and asks if he is okay. The host shakes Jack’s shoulders and urges him to take his turn. Jack continues to murmur, expressing his admiration and need for God’s power. The host, speaking softly, reminds Jack that their show is currently on air. The host then smiles at the camera and mentions that everyone is interested in Jack’s mysterious words. The host asks Jack if he can explain these words and if they are related to a beast. Suddenly, wide awake, Jack grabs the host’s arms and asks if they are the beastie. He expresses his desire for the power to transform into a sow. The host reacts by saying that it is creepy.

You once claimed “we’re frightened sometimes” about the monster in rent, why are you so fascinated by it? Jack: I love its “awful noise”. The drive to organize my boys is like a real hunt, an exhilarating adventure! (stands up, looks at the ceiling) The origin of the hunters’ spirit, the source of joyous celebration! I need to have control… I need to secure my position as chief forever… (Eyes on the host) Implant the idea of the existing beast in the boys… “Let’s dance! Come on! Dance”… Without control over the beast, they will suffer… I am the peacemaker, so let’s dance, dance. All for your benefit! (Turns to Ago) I’m doing good for everyone…

I am the leader of chanting, with just one shout, one roar, I can terrify Ralph and his overweight friend. Jack takes out his unfinished piece of meat from his pocket once again, happily chewing it with a sound like “the tearing of teeth and claws”. Host: I would be frightened to death if I saw the bloody mouth of a beast. Anyway, while Jack is enjoying his meat, our show is concluding.

Thank you Ago and Jack for the time in “What’s Going on in Famous Characters’ Brains?! Stay tuned ND see you all on Sunday at 8:pm. Bye! Jack: mask painting. Beastie. Hunting. No rescue(no house building), hates specs and conch, hates piggy But if there was a snake we’d hunt it and kill it Am I a hunter or am I not? But you can feel as if you’re not hunting, but- being hunted Kill the pig, cut her throat, spill her blood I apologies.

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