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Fictional Interview with Clara Barton

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The Union Talk reporters sit down with renowned field nurse Clara Barton, to discuss opportunities, hardships and inspirations for her wonderful service to our soldiers. Reporter: Good afternoon Mrs. Barton, How was your trip? Barton: Oh, Please Clara is fine, and it was wonderful, I’m quite used to traveling these days. R: That’s lovely. Well, if you don’t mind I’d like to get right to the questions, I’m sure our readers are dying to hear what you have to say.

B: Yes, let’s get down to business. R: How are you seen by the soldiers, being a woman on the battlefield?

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Fictional Interview with Clara Barton
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B: Well I do believe that everyone was a bit shocked at first, including myself. However, after the men saw that I was just there to care for them just like they would be at home, I think they were grateful to have me around. R: When quartermaster Daniel Rucker first allowed you to help at the front lines, were you afraid for yourself at all? B: Was I scared for myself? No, I was scared for the soldiers who must be at those front lines every day and face those conditions.

R: Would you feel comfortable giving our readers and insight into the conditions at the front, and maybe what they can do to help improve them?

B: Yes, the conditions are deplorable. Clothing and food, as well as ammunition run short constantly and the troops are suffering the consequences, but what amazes me most is that despite the squalor they are placed in, they still have great spirits and high hopes. At my last station I got the pleasure of joining in a game of Rounders with the men, it made my heart soar to see them playing like school boys. Anyone to wants to help the troops can get in touch with any local ladies organization, these groups gather clothing food and supplies to deliver to the troops.

R: That is wonderful that despite the hardship, that their spirits are still high. B: yes, it truly is. R: Can you tell us what your worst experience on the battlefield was and why? B: There was a particular incident that still haunts me to this day. I was tending a wounded soldier in battle, and a bullet tore through the sleeve of my dress and killed the man I was caring for. It was just awful to see myself spared and this poor man taken. R: …. And your best moment? B: I can honestly say that every man I help back to health is my favorite moment. They are just so happy to have someone to care for them.

R: Are you ever worried at all about possibly not making it off the battlefield? B: Sometimes I do worry, yes, but I know that if I don’t then there is a reason. When my time is through I will accept it, however it comes. R: We hear that General Butler will soon appoint you “Lady In Charge” of the Army of James hospitals. How does this make you feel? B: Oh! I am delighted! It gives me an even greater opportunity to help more wounded soldiers. R: Did you have any special mentors as a child, or a specific experience that made you know that you wanted to care for others? B: Yes.

When I was quite young my older brother David fell off a roof during some construction and was severely injured. I was his all-time nurse for two years, and ever since I knew this is what I was called to do. R: You said earlier that some of the troops were opposed to a woman on the field; do you feel that you have any major limitations due to your gender? B: Well yes of course. The fact that I am a woman still tends to rub people the wrong way, no matter how much I do to prove them wrong. R: Is there a specific moment when you first realized that your gender could hold you back?

B: Well I must correct you before I answer, ones gender can only hold one back if they allow it, but yes I do remember the first time I was denied simply because of my gender. Back after I had graduated from Clinton Liberal Institute in New York, I opened a school in New Jersey. My attendance was the best anyone had seen and the students flourished under my direction. However when the Board needed to choose a Headmaster I was denied, and a man was chosen instead. R: You seem a bit bitter.. B: I’m not bitter, just disappointed that the best available choice was overlooked on such an outlandish principle.

R: One that note, what are your thoughts on women’s suffrage? We hear that you and Mrs. Anthony are quite close friends. B: Yes, Susan and I are very dear friends. I support the movement completely, though it has never been my main focus, and I will help Susan all that I can. R: Alright, let’s ease up on the seriousness shall we? How about some fun questions? B: (laughs) That would be wonderful, I was beginning to think this was an interrogation! R: My, you have a wonderful sense of humor. It’s been said that you are quite the animal lover, do you have a favorite? B: Yes!

I am very drawn to felines, especially my dear, sweet cat, Tommy. R: What are some of your favorite hobbies? B: well, I love writing, and reading and helping others of course. R: Finally Clara, Tell our readers four thing that they may not know about you. B: (pauses) My favorite color is Red, I do not eat meat of any kind, I absolutely love Horses and equestrian sports, and I am actually quite shy until I become comfortably with someone. R: Clara, thank you so much for speaking with us, this has been an unforgettable experience for not only me but our readers as well. B: The pleasure is all mine, thank you for the priceless experience.

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