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Ford: Terrible Side Effects

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In late 1960’s Ford bought a large sum of land in Ramapough, New Jersey to build a factory for their car assembly. With all the production going on they had ton’s upon tons of waste. Since Ford owned a large area of land they found wooded areas to dump the waste they had created and they felt it was fine because they paid for the land. Even though Ford bought the land from a Native American tribe, some of those Indians still lived on the land.

Even with the Natives living on the land Ford still dumped their waste on the land which was close to the Natives.

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Ford: Terrible Side Effects
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Ford was dumping about 6,000 gallons of waste paint every day. The Natives tried to file a lawsuit against Ford but the suit was dropped. Soon, during and after the suit Ford was leaving copper, aluminum and other special materials which kept the Native Americans fairly quiet. Letting Ford continue to dump was one of the worst decisions to make.

This let them continue to make more areas contaminated. Kid’s started finding these places and found them fun to slide down in the paint sludge dump sites. The kids would also make “mud” pies and eat them.

All of these things the kids did gave them small bumps and growths all over their bodies. Later, when they started feeling ill, they got so sick they would go to the doctors. The doctors would find that the kids would have cancer but did not know why because the kids would not tell them about playing and eating the paint waste because the kid’s did not know it was bad. In 1971 the New Jersey Government finally stepped in ordering Ford to stop dumping near the water because it was contaminating one of New Jersey’s biggest water supplies. Ford just found another spot to dump the waste.

Ford then donated to an organization to build houses for the Native Americans in an underlying attempt to keep the Natives quiet again. Finally the Environmental Protection Agency listened to the Natives complaints after many years declaring the area a Super Fund area in 1984. Then in 1994 it took it off the Super Fund list, stating that it was clean and fit to inhabit. A few years after 1994 a child died at the age of 10 from tumors and cancer. It turns out the EPA did not clean the land fully. Due to this event the EPA had to return to the area to reassess its findings.

When they came back the Natives showed them spots where the EPA had completely ignored the first time. Some people had sludge coming up in there yards. When the EPA came back they removed 16,000 tons of waste and yet there was still more to remove. They were finding chemicals like arsenic and, dioxin one of the most poisonous toxins. Researchers found that attics held all of the airborne toxins because it was an open area. 2008 EPA said it was clean again and Ford had removed 45,000 tons yet there still could 3 times that in the mines.

By the end of September 2009, Ford paid out 11 million dollars to the community in a settlement through the court system. Ford still claims that it is not their responsibility for what happened. I feel what Ford did was wrong but at the same time I can see why they did it. They did it because they owned the land and probably did not know all of the terrible side effects that their by-products created. I feel it was wrong because even an idiot would know that it was polluting and it is not good for the earth, let alone the people and kids.

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Ford: Terrible Side Effects. (2017, Jan 30). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/ford-terrible-side-effects/

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