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The Terrible Snow Day

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Growing up in small town Wisner, Nebraska could be quite entertaining. I grew up in Wisner with my mom, dad, brother, and sister. My sister and I were very close in age which turned out perfect because we always had someone to play with at all times. We were always out finding something new to entertain us, sometimes it was good others were bad. We always thought the best days were snow days. You could do a lot of different things you could not do year round.

Every snow day was good except this one; this one was a disaster. “Girls it’s time to get up for school,” Mom yells up the stairs.

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The Terrible Snow Day
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This was the last words we wanted to hear today. How could this be it was snowing when we went to bed last night we thought to ourselves. Angrily we trudged out of bed and down the stairs only to sit next to the phone and wait for the call saying we had a snow day since there was quite a bit of snow on the ground.

Finally after what seemed like an hour the call came. This was about to be the most epic snow day ever. Eight o’clock rolled around and it was now time for Mom to go take Jack to daycare and then head off to work. Oh boy we thought to ourselves, this is what we have been waiting for all year.

A lot of snow on the ground and no mom and dad, this day couldn’t get any better than this. Once everyone was gone so Addy and I headed for the backyard. We did our normal routine that we had every year which consisted of building a fort, having a snow ball fight, and then sledding down the hill. This day was turning out to be another perfect snow day ever, that was until we attempted to climb back up the hill after sledding. We soon found out there was some ice under the snow making it very difficult to climb back up the hill.

We continued trying to climb this hill for about an hour, but it seemed like much more time than that. After we realized we weren’t going to make it up the hill we thought to ourselves “oh no, we are going to die out here mom will not be home for hours, what do we do? ” As time went by we continued to come up with ideas, but none of them worked. So we sat outside and cried. “We were way too young to freeze to death” Addy said. “Why would this have to happen to us; we didn’t do anything wrong,” we thought. Then, we remembered mom will be home for lunch. Yes! We will have her help us up.

It wasn’t to long after that mom pulled up and came out back to see what the fuss was about. We told her how we have been out here for a long time and can’t make it up the hill. When mom asked why we just didn’t use the stairs over on the side of the bush. We felt so dumb, why did we not think of that. This was a good end to a terrible snow day. We survived! This is just one of the exciting stories Addy and I have from the exciting elementary snow days. We always had something to do. If you were with us there was never a dull moment. Just remember snow days are what you make of them.

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