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The main objective of the assessment is to provide feedback to The Fitness Club with respect to its ability to preserve the confidentiality, Integrity, and availability of he information maintained by and used by its origination. Malcolm Testing Solutions will test the use of security controls used to secure sensitive data. This project will include 1 consultant for a time period of 2 days onsite at a single customer location in order to provide internal penetration testing services.

Malcolm Testing Solutions will provide tools, knowledge, and expertise in order to execute an internal penetration test on customer designated devices.

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Malcolm Testing Solutions will attempt to compromise access controls on internal systems by employing the following methodology: Enumeration – Once Malcolm Testing Solutions has arrived for The Fitness Club’s assessment they will connect to the network via the data port provided by the customer. Once they are connected, Malcolm Testing Solutions will run a variety of information gathering tools in order to enumerate computers and devices that are connected to the network.

Vulnerability Mapping and Penetration – Any computers or devices that are found will be scanned for vulnerabilities using a wide variety of tools and techniques. The tools and techniques used will be consistent with current industry trends regarding exploitation of vulnerabilities. Malcolm Testing Solutions will attempt to find the a weak link within the network that can be exploited to penetrate the network up to and including the point at which sensitive data can be accessed. Report of Penetration Attempt – Throughout the penetration testing, Malcolm Testing Solutions will document and record each step of the process.

Malcolm Testing Solutions will provide a report of the penetration test which will include data obtained from the network and any information regarding exploitation of vulnerabilities and the attempt to gain access to sensitive data. After the results have come back from the penetration jesting and have been shared with The Fitness Club, Malcolm Testing Solutions will discuss security countermeasures that may need to be set in place in order to prevent exploitations in the future.

The access control security countermeasures will depend on the need and the allotted expenses of The Fitness Club. Some of the access control security countermeasures that will be discussed will be discussed within the seven domains of the infrastructure. (n. D. ).

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