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Freud: Analysis of the Mind

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Freud: Analysis of a Mind Sigmund Freud was referred to as the “Golden Child” by his parents. He studies came before anything his siblings wanted to do. Because his sister playing her piano disturbed Freud and his studies, the piano was removed. The special treatment he received allowed Freud to stand out in his studies. This lead him play a huge role in Psychology today. This also helped him to think of different things that nobody had ever thought before. Freud showed both Type A and Type B behaviors.

He showed Type A when he was stressing, and when he put pressure on himself.

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Freud: Analysis of the Mind
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Freud showed type B personality through the creativeness in his work, self-reflection, and evaluation. Freud had a phobia of traveling, which later played a role in his refusing to leave Vienna. He was not necessarily just being stubborn; he was scared to leave. Freud also fainted in the “Circle of Secrecy” meeting in which he made all members, who were all Jewish, swear by oath to complete loyalty to him and the group because he was paranoid that they were trying to kill him.

Before Freud, neurotic patients were treated brutally.

The patients were chained up and even had cold water thrown on them. Even though that was the case, Freud treated them by talking to them and looking deep down in search for the origin of their problem. Although some of methods were helpful, some were not. He used cocaine as a treatment without realizing that it caused future damage. On the other hand, the rest of his methods were useful because instead of patients being treated with physical punishment, they were treated by talking to him, and figuring out why they faced the problems that they did.

One thing that was not correct by Freud was his view on women. It is definitely proven in the society that we live in now that women are valuable for more than having children and can do everything a man can. Women can be twice as smart and far more capable than a man can be. Freud was not interested in having sex with his wife in the bedroom because he felt as if it was a distraction to his studies and his work.

He also didn’t want any more children and was told that contraceptives made you neurotic, so to him the only way to not have kids and be neurotic was to not have sex at all. This helped Freud get closer with his work and studies. If Freud were presenting his ideas today, people would have the same reaction that they did then. Except now, we would want his theories to be backed up with more research and proof. People would be much more open to his ideas. Some of his methods are still used, such as the “Freudian couch” which is an effective technique used by many psychologists.

Freud is still so popular because he was so different. His ideas were so unique that they stand out to people o think about his theories. People still talk about him because he was so amazing and unique and thought differently than most people. Freud’s theories remain so popular today because he brought out a new sense of psychology and paved way for new discoveries. People still talk about him because of his bizarre ideas, his brilliance, and the uniqueness of his character.

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