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Friday Night Lights

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Marcus Dupree and his record breaking high school career was a stud running back from Philadelphia, Mississippi. Recruiters and coaches were hunting the 230 pound running back throughout his whole high school career. In 1982 he committed to the University of Oklahoma where he would be featured as the next best thing, not only collegiately but professionally as well. That all changed during his sophomore year at the University he suffered a horrifying knee injury, which led to him being known as the best that never was.

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Friday Night Lights’ Boobie Miles and Oklahoma Sooner Marcus Dupree have quite the similarities when it comes to their football glory. Boobie Miles and his Uncle L. V. had dreams of Boobie turning professional and being a highly paid running back in the NFL. Marcus Dupree had similar goals and dreams as the media, during his college career, was making him out to be the best to ever play the game. In his high school days Boobie suffered a sickening blow to his knee that set back his dreams of playing in the pros.

Boobie struggled to get back onto his feet; his Uncle L.

V. was the only one that could lift Boobie’s spirits about playing in the NFL. Marcus Dupree, a standout high school football player from Mississippi was recruited by the University of Oklahoma and the University of Texas on a football scholarship. Dupree signed his letter of intent to join the Oklahoma Sooners after a brilliant high school career that included 87 touchdowns and 7,355 yards; he was simply the best running back to come out of high school ever (Bissinger 1). However, things changed quickly during his sophomore year at Oklahoma.

Dupree told his Coach Barry Switzer that he had a dream he would tear up his knee in that day’s game but Barry didn’t care; he played. He ended up tearing every ligament in his knee that day, season over, career in jeopardy. Boobie was never really looked at as the great, best ever, running back but he had the talent to go to a Division 1 school before the knee injury occurred. As for Dupree, he was NFL bound; he was the next best thing to come out of the collegiate game. However, despite the injuries that occurred to both men, they both tried to become professional athletes.

Boobie once had a brief stint with a semi pro team; although it didn’t work out he did at least give it a shot (Bissinger 342). Dupree found himself an agent and signed with a CFL team. His agent told him that he would set up a bank account for him to start saving up money; he never saw a single dime. He did make it to the NFL for two years but never panned out to be what he could have been; scoring only one touchdown in two seasons (Bissinger 3). These men, back in high school, ran with such speed and power, the poetry in their running was like none other, but they never panned out to be what they could have been.

In the book, Boobie wonders about his future after the knee injury he suffered. The only thing Boobie ever wanted to do was play in the pros, that’s all he thought he was good at; playing football. Today, the 42 year old Boobie Miles and the 46 year old Marcus Dupree sit on their couches and watch the Super Bowl, knowing that if it wasn’t for injuries they had suffered when they were younger they could have been playing in the Super Bowl. Today, both men are hard at work, earning their money in a field other than the field.

Boobie has been working a warehouse job while supporting three daughters (Bissinger 342). Dupree is a truck driver for a local trucking company in Mississippi (Bissinger 2). Both men also had a mentor and a person that would push them to glory. In Boobie’s case it was his Uncle L. V. He saved him from the foster care when he was a little boy and essentially could have saved him from greater danger, saving him from trouble and possibly jail time. Marcus Dupree lived with his Grandma when he was a boy, all the way up through high school and into college he looked toward his Grandma for guidance.

He even went as far as going back to his Grandma’s to get back in shape, to pursue his dream of becoming a NFL running back (Bissinger 3). There was a small set of weights in his Grandma’s garage; he must have looked like a beast inside that small little garage. Along with similar background stories; both of their mentors died in the late 90’s. These two men have the same life stories, from blowing their knees out, to having someone to guide them through their lives, to the could-have-should-have titles that they have acquired over the years.

Although Boobie and Dupree’s careers would be long over by now, I think it would have been fun to read about the things they could have done in their pro days. This is sad to me; I couldn’t imagine what these guys think about every day, what goes through their heads on a day to day basis; if I was that close to making it to the big show I think I would have had a mental breakdown or something. I can only give them props for the way that they handled their situations and their determination to try and make it to the big show; only the toughest survive to make it to the NFL.

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