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Future Statement

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There are a number of people who currently are enhanced by a machine including, Kevin Warwick, Jesse Sullivan, Jensen Neumann, or even Jerry Saliva. All the technology aiding them is different, but it all amounts to the same fact, something that they previously couldn’t do is now possible thanks to a machine. Kevin Warwick a professor of cybernetics at the University of Reading in the United Kingdom had a silicon transponder surgically implanted in his forearm. The chip implant emits a signal that allows him to open doors, operate lights, and even local computers without lifting a finger.

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Future Statement
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Jesse Sullivan is an amputee and he has had a robotic limb that is connected to his nervous system, via a nerve- muscle graft. This allows him to control the limb with his mind and feel hot, cold, and the amount of pressure he applies with his arm. Jensen Neumann became blind after a series of accidents, but through an artificial vision system, connected straight to his visual cortex, he is able to see again.

The technology isn’t perfect, he is only able to see basic shapes and outlines, but the technology is still ongoing and updates are being applied.

Then there is Jerry Saliva who lost his finger in a motorcycle accident. He received a prosthetic and took the liberty of installing a KGB USB Port into it. While it’s not as advanced as the others it still enables Mr.. Saliva to do something he couldn’t do before. If humans continue to upgrade themselves with artificial devices there is no limit to what humanity could accomplish. Amputees could live normal lives doing everyday activities that were previously thought impossible through their injury. Hate carrying a cell phone?

Well, it may be possible through an implant via the ear to have a cell phone directly connected to you. While these examples may be exciting to think about, they will also have ramifications on future politics. Are these cowboys still human or are they now something more than human? Will that affect voting, political office running requirements, or how about laws to what you can enhance yourself with? With computer advancement it’s easy to see some people being upset with others changing saying it’s an abomination or act against God.

Then there’s the question as to what the limits should be. Should a solder be able to graft a weapon to himself so that it will be easier to access? Can a man with artificial arms still create music on the same level with a man with actual arms? These are questions that are bound to come up with technology moving so fast, and in the future our nation will decide what is acceptable.

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