A Playground for Children of All Abilities

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Children play joyfully under the sunny sky at the Kristi Yamaguchi Always Dream Play Park. Parents enjoy watching their kids on swings and slides. However, even though this may seem like a typical playground scene, this park is extraordinary. The Always Dream Play Park is designed to accommodate children of all abilities, promoting both physical and mental development.

Kristi Yamaguchi, born with a club foot, founded the Always Dream Foundation in 1996, motivated by her own experience. The foundation supports various initiatives, including the creation of this park, to fulfill the dreams of all children. Within the park, delightful and vibrant structures have been installed, designed for the accessibility of every child. Among the attractions is a concrete ramp leading to a short, beige slide. Additionally, the park features a line of swings, including two blue chair swings equipped with seatbelts.

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The ground surrounding the equipment has a squishy, blue texture. Yellow umbrellas on the hill cleverly serve as misters to cool down visitors while the sandbox is made more exciting with a water spout for messy playtime. The blue merry-go-round is not your typical one; it is a two-level jungle gym that allows children to climb inside and enjoy spinning around.

The park may appear to be small, but there is never a wait even on busy days. Parents have ample seating options including tables, benches, and a small amphitheater that could also be used for impromptu performances. Initially, the park’s location next to a busy parking lot may seem odd, but upon further reflection, it is actually the ideal spot for convenient access. The playground’s sizable structures and vibrant umbrellas attract the attention of passersby on Stevenson Boulevard.

The Fremont playground was opened on January 16, 2010, following a four-year wait. A blonde, big-boned mother in exercise clothes, along with her mom Cindy, is observing her 5-year-old son on the slide. When questioned about their thoughts on the playground, Danielle immediately responds with, “It’s not ghetto.” Both of them share a laugh. “I genuinely mean it,” Danielle adds, “It’s incredibly vibrant and clean. My son refuses to leave.” Unbeknownst to them, the playground was specifically designed for disabled children. Sherry, a slim Asian mother who resides near the park, shares her opinion, saying, “It doesn’t matter. It’s beneficial for them to assimilate.”

The Kristi Yamaguchi Always Dream Play Park aims to offer a playground that caters to children of all abilities. Although many visitors are unaware of the park’s focus on disabled children, it does not affect the enjoyment of everyone.

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