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Future Trends in Health Education and Promotion

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The only thing that remains constant is change. This is saying that any healthcare professional would do well by taking to heart. By embracing change, and doing are best to adapt gracefully, we are doing our patients are great service. The key is to predict and identify future trends so we can better prepare for what is to come. In the world of health education and promotion, this couldn’t be truer. As health educators we are expected to be ahead of the game so we can bring the most up-to-date information and tools for improving quality of life.

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Future Trends in Health Education and Promotion
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Of the future trends identified in the health education profession, the greatest focus should be on the venues that health education and promotion is carried out in. We will have the greatest impact and influence on people’s lives if we pay attention to where the need is and change our tactics accordingly. One of the areas with the greatest change in the health education setting is at work.

More and more employers are implementing programs that give their employees and family members the tools and information they need to make healthier decisions (Cottrell 2012).

It doesn’t take much to see that healthier employees are more productive and happier, take less sick time, and function and produce at a higher level of quality. Employers have a chance to make a big impact on their employees’ lives and health status by implementing some kind of health education and promotion program. My employer, for example has given its employees and their families a health assessment tool. Through a questionnaire, blood work, and a physical assessment, we can get a relative health status and track our progress as we work towards a healthier life style.

Other examples of big impact programs at the worksite include: smoking cessation programs, fitness centers, insurance breaks for healthier life styles, etc. Another setting for health education and promotion which will most likely expand and grow is in online media. Before the dawn of the internet, a health educator may have been able to reach a few hundred or few thousand people. Now, with the use of online and social media, we can reach millions.

Through the use of blogs, videos, websites, online assessment tools, online journals, etc. we have the potential to reach a much wider and more diverse audience. Take for example, a website called My Life Check. It was created by the American Heart and Stroke Institutes and gives people a way to access tools and resources to assess health and create health goals. A quick glance at some of their data shows that hundreds of thousands of people are using their site in one form or another (My Life Check, 2012).

This is really amazing when you think that this is just one of many online resources that are geared toward health education and promotion. As you can see through my examples of future trends in health education and promotion, we have the potential to make a huge impact if we only pay attention to and look for said trends. It is our duty as health professionals to do all that we can to improve the health and lives of those in our communities. Embracing and adapting to an ever changing setting is just one of many ways we can achieve this.

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