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Grants and Scholarships

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There are several sources of money for funding post-secondary education regarding scholarships and grants. Scholarships are money given based on merit and neediness while Grants are money given based on neediness.

This means that students who may not perform well but are very needy are still eligible for grants and scholarship, which are non-refundable. In this case, there are several grants and scholarships available for both regular and military students.They include; grants for military students and families, federal grants, grant categories, non-government grants and popular student-specific grants (Military Handbooks, 2016).

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Grants and Scholarships
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Grants for military students and families are the best to go for because the student had served in a military and this grant is provided by the military service to its members and thus eligible.

Federal grants are chosen because they are the most common grants offered by the government to every college-bound student who applies for (Military Handbooks, 2016).Grant categories and non-government grants are also chosen in this scenario because they fund specific courses which could be the course chosen by the student in the scenario provided (Peterson’s, 2012).

Popular student-specific grants were chosen because it entails non-traditional students’ grants which are given to learners who have graduated long ago from college. Grants and scholarships can be accessed through submission of filled forms or applying via the website of the awarding organization (Peterson’s, 2012).

Once a student knows the grants or scholarships that he or she is eligible to, he should then search for more information on how to apply (Peterson’s, 2012). For non-government grants, a student has to inquire from the college or the university to know which grants exist for the course chosen. There are also grants which are offered for learners who opt to pursue a course that has a high demand such as health course. By choice of such courses, the student becomes automatically eligible.

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