Health And Safety In Building Sites Construction

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This study has been based on the Communication and Management and it focuses on Health and Safety in edifice sites. In the beginning there is an debut of why and how I am traveling to compose this study. The job statements are besides listed to steer me the authorship of this study. I define what wellness and Safety is on the edifice site, ways of how to be after and implement wellness and safety in the edifice site and why it is of import to take excess more consideration on scaffolding on the site.

Cardinal Wordss: Health and safety, renovation, destruction, instability, communicating, planning, marks, clients, site direction, coordinator and contractors.

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Some Basic Definitions

Before a elaborate treatment on wellness and safety in edifice sites, some basic wellness and safety definitions are required as defined by the UK ‘s Health and Safety Executives:

Health- It is the protection of the organic structures and heads of people from illness ensuing from the stuffs, procedures or processs used in the workplace.

Safety- The protection of people from physical hurt. The boundary line between wellness and safety is unclear and the two words are usually used together to bespeak concern for the physical and mental well- being of the person at the topographic point of work.

Accident- defined as ‘any unplanned event that consequences in hurt or ill-health of people, or harm or loss to belongings, works, stuffs or the environment or a loss of a concern chance.

Hazard and hazard – a jeopardy is the potency of substance, activity or procedure to do injury. Hazards take signifiers including, for illustration chemicals, electricity and working from ladder.

A hazard is the likeliness of a substance, activity or procedure to do injury. A hazard can be reduced and the jeopardy controlled by good direction.

Table of Contentss

1.0 Introduction

This study has been written as a mandatory assignment in the fifth semester Bachelor of Architectural Technology and Construction Management grade class that will enable us acquire 5 ECTS points and besides fix us to compose the concluding thesis in the seventh semester.

2.0 The Back Ground

Construction is one of the largest Industries from the Danish bureau for trade and industry. With about 1 in 4 workers in the private sectors engaged in confer withing, operation, care of houses and edifices, production of edifice stuffs and building.

The building Industry has a universe repute for good quality of its work but still it remains to be the most unsafe in Europe and many other states in the universe.

By and large in the E.U which Denmark is portion of, a record has been taken ; in 2004/05 the fatal hurt rate ( per 100,000 workers ) was 3.4. In 2006/07, there was an addition of approximately 28 % in human deaths in the industry.

Number of Accidents

Registration Year




Industry Group

01 Structural work




02 Erection and Destruction




03 Finishing Work




Figure Statisticss of Accidents in Denmark

With this presentment the building industry has set itself a mark to cut down the

There has been significantly addition of refurbishment plants in the building industries than of new building. I agree that this has increased even more because of the recession clip we are in ; therefore most clients and companies are n’t in a place to finance constructing new buildings. You will hold with me that most companies have been closed hence back uping this point.

This so lead to the refurbishment undertakings. With this destruction and structural instability during the procedure can be considered among the most unsafe activities to be done on site and hence a demand for proper working wellness and safety strategic program.

Problem work outing statement on Health and safety in constructing site renovation undertakings.

What is wellness and Safety on constructing site?

How can one program on the wellness and Safety on constructing site?

How the program is executed in pattern and communicating?

Why Scaffolding should be taken into close consideration?

Due to greater hazards of wellness and safety jobs in renovation than new buildings as mentioned earlier the aims of taking the above job provinces were to:

To find why there are comparatively high hazards on wellness jeopardies on refurbished undertakings than new undertakings and the chief factors associated with this.

To do a checklist placing the issues to see in pull offing the wellness and safety incidences on refurbishment undertakings affecting destruction work.

To be able happen out countries where counsel and assorted warning tools should be provided. Like incidences refering logistics of having bringing trucks, arrangement of Cranes, droping stuffs on site, storage and bringing of stuffs to each floor, commanding trips and faux pass and working highs.

To associate this study to a undertaking done in Aarhus Denmark which we are working with in this semester: renovation undertaking in Dannesbrogsgade 4, where there are many historical edifices and renovations works affecting destruction and common.

3.0 Health and Safety on Building Site


As Denmark is portion of EU, most of the wellness and safety ordinances originate from Europe. European Commission possibly agreed by member provinces. The member provinces are so responsible for doing that portion of their domestic jurisprudence. The chief function of the EU in wellness and safety is to harmonise workplace and legal criterions.

The Health and Safety Work Act for the EU states covers direction of the wellness and safety plants etc

Harmonizing to Lord Robens reappraisal of a proviso of how the Act should be for the people at work.

The Act should incorporate general responsibilities which ‘influence attitudes ‘ .

The Act should cover all those affected by employer ‘s project such as contractors, pupils, visitants and members of the populace

There should be an accent on wellness and safety direction and the development of safe systems of work. This involves the encouragement of employee engagement in accident bar

Enforcement should be targeted at ‘self-regulation ‘ by the employer instead than on prosecution in the tribunals.

There are 3 major parties that have assorted duties to the wellness and safety in the edifice site.

Design from client and adviser

Planing by contractor

Safety consideration during executing

Clients- They are instructed to lucubrate a program for safety and Health on the edifice site. The client must do understandings with the single employers stipulating who will set up, keep and take safety safeguards in the common countries which are: Traffic and entree roads, storage countries for stuffs, refuse countries, working platforms, stagings, shelter town, glade of snow and gravelling, traffic visible radiation and working countries where several employers are working coincident.

Consultants/ Project Supervisors – who are set abouting the practical work of lucubrating.

They should guarantee that safety safeguards are specified in stamp stuffs to let for disbursals to be included in commands.

It is besides the responsibility of the Project supervisor to inform the client about his duty harmonizing to the work environment jurisprudence in relation to the expected activities and volume of work. They should guarantee that the undertaking can be execute and later maintained esteeming Safety and Health ordinances in force at the clip of design.

Contracting companies ( employers ) – who as chief contractors are executing the practical work by making the Planning of Safety and Health ( PSH ) .


With this in topographic point the counsel to act upon Healthy and safety in the early phases is of import.

Figure Ability to act upon Safety and Health

Construction Site Issues and Control

Over the last 25 old ages, 2800 people have died on the building site, this figure including kids playing on the building site. Among the major causes of human deaths are:

Falling through delicate roofs and rooflights

Falling from ladders, scaffolds and other workplaces

Bing struck by excavators, forklift trucks or dump truck trucks

turn overing vehicles

being crushed by fall ining constructions.

With these issues there is demand for direction and control at all phases of a building undertaking.

Safe Working Topographic point

Entree to and from the site should be safe. This requires that the all the ladders, scaffolds, gangways, staircases and rider hoists are to be used safely. It farther requires that all digging countries are fenced, the site is orderly at all times and proper agreements are in topographic point for the storage of stuffs and the disposal of waste stuffs. The site should be adequately illuminated and secured from interlopers, intending that the Gatess should be locked with appropriate notice posted. Suitable marks are besides needed on the site- these may be wellness and safety, warning or directional marks. Below is an illustration of a site agreement for a renovation undertaking in Dannesbrosgade 4, 8000 Aarhus, Denmark.

Figure a Safe Building Site Arrangement

I will concentrate on the jeopardy and controls of Working on Highs since its with the most figure of human deaths.


Working at highs histories to about 50-60 deceases more than other building plants and with 4,000 hurts. Some of the major causes of this are concerns of the degree of hazards of autumn from highs and deficiency of equal toe boards and intermediate guard tracks on staging and platform plants.

To protect workers at tallness from serious hurt, ordinances of highs has been given to command:

Avoid working with highs if possible

To utilize an bing safe topographic point of work

To supply work equipments that prevent falls

Mitigate distance and effects of a autumn

To teach, train and supervise.

The employer is required to use a three-stage hierarchy to all work which is carried out at tallness. The three stairss are

This study was compiled and researched by Rosemary Nyamori. Information got from the counsel of the lectors, sing the library, traveling to the sites, inquiring the constructing designers and from the cyberspace.

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