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            The concept of home is relative.  There are those who refer to it as a physical structure where a group of people resides. There are also people who consider home as a place where they can retire at the end of a stressful day and ultimately find comfort in the company of their loved ones.  However, for some people, home is a place where one is appreciated, respected, and loved for the very person they are.

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For me, a home is where I can simply be myself and be loved for who I am and not be dictated to be who I am not.  It is where I am not required to live up to anyone’s expectations and just do things my way, at my own pace.  It is where I can be assured that my person is needed, appreciated, and loved.  Home is where I am entitled for all these things without having to work hard for it.

            All the same, home for me is not always pure bliss. There are times when it still feels cold to be enclosed by four walls.  Nonetheless, these are the moments that taught me things I would not have otherwise known.  While I learned to love, I also learned to forgive.  While I learned to be compassionate, I also learned to be tough.  I may be sheltered, but reality has it that life beyond my comfort zones can get as crazy as I would not have dared to imagine.  The things that I learned from, as a result of living in the place I call home, formed my concepts of inspiration, direction, and destination.

            Life is tough, but having a strong foundation of love from my home, I know that, as I battle life’s challenges with all my might, whether I win or lose, I still have something left with me—they are the people waiting for me to come home.

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