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You will produce a leaflet explaining both how infections are caused by different pathogens (Pl) and how pathogenic micro-organisms grow and spread (UP). Task deadline – September 30th 2013 2. You will demonstrate (UP) standard precautions that would be used to prevent the spread of infection in a health and social care setting. This will be observed by your subject tutor within the skills lab. Task deadline – w/k commencing 7th October 2013 3. Your subject tutor will give you a case study about an outbreak of infection in a health and social care setting.

In small groups you will study these case studies and present the following to your peers; Explain (MI) how you would manage the outbreak of infection Identify (UP) key aspects of legislation and guidelines relevant to the prevention and control of infection Explain (MM) the role of organizational procedures in the prevention and control of infection. Task deadline – presentations w/k commencing 9th December 2013 To follow the presentation you will now complete a report that assesses (D 1) how the suggested measures meet legal requirements and guidelines for the prevention ND control of infection.

Task deadline- 16th December 2013 4. In your placement competency portfolio complete the questionnaire to describe (AS) the roles and responsibilities of personnel in relation to infection control in your health and social care placement. Task deadline – 3rd February 2014 5. Your subject tutor will supply you with a risk assessment in relation to infection prevention and control undertaken at a health or social care setting. In small groups you will review (MM) the risk assessment which will be recorded by your tutor.

After the discussion you will complete a 500 word assignment that assesses (DO) how the risk assessment can contribute to reducing rates of infection the health and social care setting. Task deadline – Discussions w/k commencing 17th March 2014. Assignment (DO) 6th April 2014 Submission Policy Only work submitted by deadline or by previously agreed extension will be marked and returned within 3 weeks. You can only give work to your teacher in class or to the support office. Resubmission Policy Please see the department’s resubmission policy.

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