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Hopi Research Paper

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Hopi research paper The Hopi Indians were considered a sub tribe of the Pueblo Indians, hailing from Arizona, but they spoke a different language. The word Hopi means peaceful ones, or hopeful. Hopi Indians lived in pueblos, Corn was the most common food grown and eaten on the land, with over 24 different varieties, although yellow and blue were the most popular. Squash, beans, pumpkins, and other various fruits were also grown and eaten. Each family member played a different role. The women of the family would take care of providing food, taking care of children, and farming.

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Hopi Research Paper
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The men of the families would take care of gathering wood for fire, hunt meat for meals and they would also be in charge of providing animal skin and bones for the woman to make use of the items. The children would start out at young age they would learn from their parents. The girls would learn from their mothers how to cook, clean, farm, and take care of the female part of the family.

While the boys would learn how to hunt, gather materials, and get taught in combat. The Hopi believed a lot in art work.

They created lots of woven rugs, and pottery which was their main lead on artwork. They created pottery from clay which lies underneath the sand. They would use the clay to create pottery items. Some would have been created to use for bathing or cooking. Every pottery item would tell a different type of story. Pottery was how the Hopi told their stories over time. The Hopi also had arts in their clothing. They would gather wild feathers and flowers and put them together to use them as accessory. Since the Hopi lived in a humid climate they only wore little amount of clothing.

The Hopi had many dances to bring good luck to their tribe and to ward off evil spirits. The Hopi used their natural recourses for medication they would use plants and anything that would be useful for their medication, the Hopi also believed in using the gift of the spirits to help protect a person for a sickness. Medicine has been a major study for the Hopi because they were really intelligent. They used science to help upgrade their tool use and used science to answer many kinds of questions they had, but their science was in the hands of the spirits so called.

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