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How People Can Become Happy

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  • Pages 3
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    Searching for feeling takes time and one will see it everywhere. Darrin M. McMahon, writer of this piece “ In Pursuit of feeling “ tells people how there are different ways to get happiness. McMahon makes all these thoughts and tips for letting people see happiness, he still says that one may not only be happy on special occasions, but be glad always. So happiness is attained by making it to oneself. It is better helping others getting their spirit, but one wants to improve themselves first anyone else.

    John Struat Mill wrote in his book, the happiness principle: The ultimate goal of life is to achieve happiness. He said that happiness is a state of mind, which is the ability to act in a way that is more than just a matter of pleasure, that happiness is a result of the desire to live, to be happy, to be loved, to be free, to be happy. His main point is that happiness is obtained when one does not focus on the actual aspect of being happy but, to rather kind of just let it happen naturally. His statements are in fact argueable in many matters. happiness is a very important factor in life, and it is a great way to make a difference. Happiness can be achieved by ones actions and also the way they act. The good thing is that if you want to achieve something, then it is important to know what is how to achieve it.

    According to a philosopher named Socrates, we do what we can to complete the quest of happiness. No one wants to be sad and doing what someone knows is wrong could cause the person to be unhappy and, eventually, sad. This is because the individual realizes the harmful effects such an action could eventually take a total on his or her life. If one person did something bad, then it must have been that, at this moment, that individual was under an assumption that worst thing he or she did was really the right thing to do. In the following, some quotes of Socrates would prove to us that happiness indeed can be achieved by ones actions, and unhappiness can also. There are many ways a person can use the power of the indivduals actions to make the world a better place. The first step is to create a positive environment for people to live their lives, after that is to become a more successful person. The real American dream of the pursuit of happiness might now immediately move into the quest of wealth because some people are growing into unhappiness because of lack of matrialistic items. presumebly our desires make us sad. Psychologists define feeling as a psychological or emotional state of pain that is distinguished by bad or good emotions from happiness to extreme sadness, which is a result of that of the individual’s actions and deeds. we cannot deny the fact that the human mind is a very powerful force, that can change a person and their emotions. John struat mill’s theroy is can be argued as false for many reasons, for one is that the human brain can indeed control our emotions and actions can trugger the emotions we want.

    We can all achieve happiness if we find out what triggers our emotion as everyone is diffrent. This is why we should be able to see the world through the eyes of the people who are suffering from pain, to find out what causes them pain so we can avoid them. In the end, the human mind is a very powerful force that is capable of being able to make emotions based on the actions of oneself and others.

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