How to Make a Good Video Game

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You’ve probably seen big companies like Activision, Ubisoft, and Bethesda Studios create best-selling games in just a few months. But, it isn’t that easy even for big game companies. Video Game Development is a very difficult task. It requires knowledge of code, programming, and most importantly ideas. There are people who lack that criteria. However, this essay can help you and teach you how to develop a game that will surprise many game critics like IGN, eSport, and EA Games, and maybe could be a best-selling game.

First things first, visualize and come up with an idea foa game. Instantly working on a game with no idea will be difficult for you. There are many types of games from Role-Playing Games to Battle Royale. You can choose to make your a game with an enormous virtual 3D world with a character running around it like Skyrim or Bioshock, or you could make a 2D world with the player watching the side-view of the character. There are many ideas, but most importantly these types of games are going to require some money so think of an idea that can maintain your budget because a game with budget cuts can affect the number of people who will play your game. Make sure to also think of a story your game follows. If this is your first game, make your story simple, like a character rescuing a princess, or finding a treasure.

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The next step in developing a game is to use a viable software for the type of game your making. Softwares like GameMaker can help make pixelated, 2D games like Undertale, Earthbound, and Mario Brothers. Unity and Unreal Engine can help make 3D games, and virtual worlds. However, you’ll need certain computers for these softwares to work. GameMaker can only downloaded by Windows and Mac OS X. As well as Unity and Unreal Engine.

Now that you’ve got an idea and chosen a software, it’s time to make the essential pieces for your game: the character, environment, and other mechanics like combat, running, and jumping. However, your pieces must fit in with the concept of a game. It wouldn’t make sense for a 3D, fully rendered character in a pixelated world. So, make sure your character fits with your game. Another important piece to add to your game is the mechanics. You will want the player of the game fight, jump, and other actions that fit with your game.

Game developing can be a difficult (even if it’s your first time) but now that you know these tips and steps you are sure to make a well-made game, as well as many positive results with it from other people. Visualize ideas for your game, choose a software to use for your game, and make the pieces, mechanics, and story for it. Once you finished making your game, this can help prepare you for future games you want to make and help you get used to the job.

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