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How to Overcome Insomnia

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Insomnia is a special kind of disorder and can be defined as the inability to sleep. It is most often thought of as both a sign and a symptom. Insomnia can occur at any age, but is commonly associated with the elderly. It can either be short or long term leading too many problems such as heart disease, memory lost and even vehicular accidents. The three major steps in overcoming this dilemma known as insomnia are medical aid, bedtime guides and seeking therapy.

Medical aid is the first step to eradicating insomnia.

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How to Overcome Insomnia
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Pharmaceutical drugs such as ambien, sonata and seroquel are prescribed by a registered doctor and taken by patients to aid in sleeping. A doctor may also recommend exercising because it helps in relaxing the body which aids in triggering endorphins that makes the body tired resulting in sleep. Additionally doctors may suggest avoiding substances containing nicotine, caffeine and alcohol as they contribute to restlessness. Coupled with medical aid, a proper bedtime routine can have prolific effects in combating insomnia.

The second step begins with the structure of a proper bedtime routine.

The mind or the brain must not confuse the bed for any other function except that off sleep and pleasure. It would be beneficial for the patient not to eat food, watch television, use the computer or even read a newspaper or book on the bed. A diet is another process off the bedtime schedule and it is very important, because foods such as herbal tea, sour-sop and even tuna aids in the breakdown of essential chemicals in the body which promote sleep. Similarly by eliminating napping one can eventually overcome insomnia, resting in the daytime may seem like a pleasant way to recharge but can ultimately worsen insomnia.

These remedies can help the body to relax and ease the mind making sleep easier to accomplish but moreover, therapy can be used as a vital option to combat this disorder. Therapy is the last stage in this three step solution of banishing insomnia permanently. A person can get treatment from a therapist who will try to understand the individual’s mind and then recommend a way forward. This often leads to hypnosis which affects the mind in a positive way breaking the barrier of no sleep to sleeping for the patient.

Unlike hypnosis which attacks the mind of the individual, acupuncture tackles the nervous system and releases a lot off unwanted stress. In essence acupuncture make the patient feel more relaxed and in turn send certain signals to the brain which enables with resting. Finally ayurveda can be seen as a form of therapy which basically aligns and heals your body. It comprises of holistic and traditional medicines which naturally balance your body resulting in a cheerful mind and spirit ultimately leading to total calm which will help you sleep at night.

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