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Colonial Unity Is The Only Way We Can Overcome The Regulars

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  • Pages 3
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    The outcome of The Battle of Lexington and Concord persuaded my interest to the Patriot cause because it echoes Locke’s statement that three natural rights, which are “Life, Liberty, and Property”, protect us. These significant words Locke proclaimed has held valuable meaning over the past eighty-six years. It is our duty to fight for what is our natural right, no matter what parliament decides. Supporting the militia brings up many questions that have lofty consequences, including frequently leaving my kids, leaving my home to face battles, and coming across harsh weather conditions. I believe that this is a cause that is worth representing because this will impact the rest of Boston and the colonies’ deliverance for the generations to come. The only way I can withstand Parliament and support my cause is “by raising funds, gathering information, sending bedding and goods to the soldiers at the front and sew clothing, such as coats, blankets, and vests for the winter” (Hewitt and Lawson, 182). Due to the regulars invading our land, my husband joined the militia because of their threat against my natural rights, the right to Property. The regulars expect a place to stay because of the Parliaments Quartering Act, which requires providing them with a room to sleep in and food to feed them, at their preference. They have invaded not only our land but our neighbors too, whom we trade fish with in exchange for squash and beans. Next, this is a threat to my family. I have two kids, and I simply don’t have time to care for their needs before my families own.

    We have been working countless hours to plant and harvest, so we may have enough food for the harsh conditions winter brings. They have taken the food that may be our only hope for surviving when the winter arrives. Secondly, I am going to represent the Patriots for the right to Liberty. Bostonians are suffering by paying taxes for everyday items: they know we cannot function as a city without these items. Parliament is using this as a reason to essentially eliminate our freedom, and we will simply not allow it. The colonies are still paying the taxes from the Coercive Acts from almost two years ago. Parliament doesn’t understand that we want representation. They have controlled our city and isolated our feelings. The Intolerable Acts sparked the need for political independence from the British crown. “I vow to protect myself against British encroachments on my rights and institutions” (Hewitt and Lawson, 161). The women in North Carolina who published The Edenton Proclamation to provide the women in Boston with a hope that other colonies believe in this cause too. They show their support by spreading awareness in newspapers that they will not sell, buy, or drink the tea that comes from the British. Lastly, our right to Life, Parliament has made us care for the very ones who’ve harmed our people in the front of our City Hall, known as the Boston Massacre. Parliament is blinded by the controversy they are causing toward the innocent lives here in Boston. Do they not recognize the people of Boston who risked their lives in the French and Indian War, for England’s sake and they have placed their responsibility on us. I know that colonial unity is the only way we can overcome the regulars, so will you fight for the cause of the Patriots or for the ones who will not support your freedom?

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