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The author recounts their love for technology that began as a child when their father showed them a slide rule and taught them how technology could aid in learning. As a college student studying biochemistry, the author sees technology as prevalent and ever-changing in their field. They believe that technology could help them in various ways like finding cures and discovering more about the environment they live in. The author’s interest in technology has influenced their career path and led them to take a virtual lab over the Internet at their institution. Overall, the author sees technology as an important tool that has helped them in their studies and could have many applications in the future.

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I Love Technology! I remember as a child of seven or eight being taught what a slide rule was. My father pulled it out one day when I was checking my math homework with a calculator. He explained to me how it worked and told me that that was his “calculator” when he was in school. I took one look at that contraption, with all of its confusing measurement markers and immediately felt lucky to have my calculator, which did not look nearly as complicated as his old slide rule. From that point on I remember my father always taught me that technology was a useful tool that could aid me in my learning process. Throughout my young life he provided me with many technical toys and computer games that helped me to …show more content…

As a college student today I use technology more than ever to help me along my major path. As a Biochemistry major technology is prevalent and ever changing in my field. I chose Biochemistry because it is a flexible, interesting discipline that contributes to many different aspects of the world; from medicine and engineering to warfare. Due to this, new technologies are always being developed in the field. Technology is part of my identity as a student as well as personally because I choose to think about it and incorporate in my everyday life. In the future technology could help me to find cures, create and use more resources and discover a vast array of useful things about the environment I live in. Technology has influenced my career path because growing up with it caused me to want grow with it and be a part of it in the future. A particular area of interest to me when I arrived at this institution was the way some of the science labs are conducted. For the first time in my life I took a virtual lab over the Internet. The experiments were all done from my dorm room. I cultured computer-generated bacteria and grew them in a simulated petri dish. It was so real, that if you did not do everything right, from the pipetting calculations to the amount of time the culture was allowed to grow the lab would be a failure, just as in .

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