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What do you know about Lie and Fletcher McGee after reading their epitaph Lie and Fletcher McGee are unhappy with each other. 2. What do the separate epitaphs of Mr… And Mrs… McGee tell you about their marriage and their feelings for each other? After reading their epitaphs, it was clear to me that their marriage was very try bubbled. It seemed as though he ruined her, and then as a result she haunted him in her late days. Either way they didn’t seem too happy with each other in the end. 3.

How does the Emcee’s relationship support the idea that literature reflected s mom women’s feelings of being trapped and oppressed by their husbands? Lie seemed to be held down or back by the decisions made by her husband. Seemed to have been the one calling the shots which lead to her demise and unhappiness. “The Story of an Hour” How does Mrs… Mallard initially react when she learns of her husband’s death? She broke down in her sister’s arms. 2. How does her outlook change after her initial reaction wears off? Initially, she was upset about her husband’s death.

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But then she soon became delighted in the idea that she was now free to live her life without the worries Of someone else. How does Mrs… Mallard feel about the idea of being married? Use evidence fro m the story to support your answer. Mallard feels that a marriage is like a constraint. Being with her husband force deed her to live her life differently than she would have wanted to. There would be no pop werewolf will bending hers in that blind persistence with which men and women believe the eye have a right to impose a private will upon a floodwater’s. 4. How does Mrs… Mallard feel when she thinks of life after her husband’s death?

Use evidence from the story to support your answer. After she gives more thought to the idea of life without her husband, Mrs… Mall lard begins to feel joyful about it. She feels as though she will no longer be held do win or restrained by the desires and wants of another person. There would be no on EOT live for during those coming years; she would live for herself. 5. How do Mrs… Mallard’s feelings after learning of her husband’s death and her reaction to seeing him alive support the idea that literature reflected some omen’s feelings of being trapped and oppressed by their husbands?

Initially upon learning about his death, Mrs… Mallard was distraught. She wept for a while, but after she began giving it more and more thought her thoughts began n to change. Mallard started to feel like she was no longer restrained or having to give up her own wants and desires for someone else. This is a great reflection of the I dead mentioned in the question, because it truly shows the change in thought during Eng the process of being a wife, and then a widow.

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