Improving Writing and Communication Skills

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After watching the both videos, I have learned several beneficial skills about communication and writing. Those skills included listening, paraphrase, grammar, and proofread. All of these skills are extremely important because communications, and writing are very common in my occupation. As a construction technician, my duty is to assist and support my supervisor to manage project in the construction site by physically inspect buildings and review buildings plans. Additionally, I need to use computer regularly for aided drafting, design software programs, and maintain project files record which required a lot typing. For communications, listening skills allows me to comprehend what someone is trying to deliver the message. Having the ability to listen carefully to someone allows me to comprehend better what job assignments that I’m given. Listening allows us to demonstrate that we are paying attention to thoughts, behavior, feelings, and body language of the speaker. (Mulvania, 2019)

This is significant to maintain productive relationships and it is the only way to build communications. Everyone has their unique way of delivering a message, and to understand better the speaker’s massage, best way to is to use paraphrase skills to confirm the massage. Rephrasing the speaker’s words and repeat over again, is the best to avoid miscommunications. On top of that, it is my responsibility to prepare reports and documents projects activities as well. Before handling the reports to my supervisor, I must perform a proofread, checking all grammar, wording to ensure there is no error. Correct grammar is valuable tool to open doors by being heard and understood clearly. By practicing and applying those skills daily in my current workplace it would improve my communications process with my co-workers, supervisors and employers.

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In my perspective, the challenge of communication in my workplace is cultural differences. As my company has numerous amounts of workers that come from different country and background. In most workplace in the world today, diversity has become more diverse. Although there is diversity in my current workplace, however, most employees still tend to go team-up with people who belongs to same country or backgrounds. Therefore, construction manager has to face the challenge of communicating with everybody as one cohesive team, meanwhile managing and handling the dynamics involved in the groups and cliques. The most challenging part of writing skills is to begin a sentence. Honestly, even I found myself having problems sometimes writing my reports regarding construction project.

Writing skills plays an important part of communication. Good writing skills enable one to communicate the message with clarity and ease to a far larger audience rather than through telephone or face-to-face conversation. First, the strategy to overcome cultural difference is to gather and mix people from different backgrounds together. Asking polite question and express the willingness to study about each other cultures or background could bring up the workplace. Moreover, having diverse people brainstorming and collaborate on activities and projects also works. Finally, the strategy for writing is to outline all important factors or ideas in order to get a great start of writing. Elaborating on ideas becomes easier with outline, it helps the writing to deliver their main idea. While creating a simple outline will take a small amount of time, and this should result in saving more time during the writing phase. By following the outline, the writer should have no problem in expanding upon an idea.

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