In the Name of Love

Compare and Contrast Essay

In the Name of Love
There are always movies out there that will remind audiences of another that they have seen at some point. For instance, You’ve Got Mail with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan is closely related to the 1940s movie starring James Stewart and Margaret Sullavan, Shop Around the Corner; which ironically is the name of Meg Ryan’s characters book store. Movies like these have their similarities and their differences. The popular Disney movie The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride is more like the child’s version of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. It has a love story of two unlikely couples, as well as the drama and violence. Yet, both are portrayed in two completely different lights.
Young teenage love is the base for both Shakespeare’s and Disney’s works. Both have love and each are from the wrong side of the tracks. In both tales it is not the teens who have the problems where the other is from, but the parents. Romeo and Juliet deal with the fact that one is a Capulet while the other is a Montague, their families have had a family feud for years and neither really knows what over. While in Simba’s Pride, Simba’s daughter Kiara meets another young cub Kovu, who lives in the forbidden lands. The two should not be allowed to talk to each other because Kovu’s mother was a follower of Scar; anyone who followed him was banished from the Pride Lands. Either watching the play in a theater or sitting on the living room couch watching the movie, Romeo and Juliet and Simba’s Pride it can be seen that there is always at least one person who knows the secret affair is occurring. Friar Lawrence weds Romeo and Juliet in secret hoping that it will reunite the two; the Nurse is the twos go between and is even the one who found Juliet kissing Romeo at the mask ball. In Simba’s Pride there is Rafiki who is told by the spirit of Mufasa to get Kiara and Kovu to fall in love and he too is the one who unites them in marriage.
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