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Of mice and men online copy

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Since the men were after Leonie to fight and kill him, George stopped the fact that Leonie would’ve fought back and hurt more people then he already has every time Leonie tried to defend himself. In past scenarios Leonie has injured many people and animals obliviously simply because he doesn’t know his own strength. “Leonie took his hands away from his face and looked about for George, and Curler slashed at his eyes. The big face was covered in blood.

George yelled again, ‘”l said get him”‘. Curlers fist was swinging when Lien’s fist reached for it.

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Of mice and men online copy
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The next minute Curlews flopping lie a fish on a close line, and his closed fist was lost in Lien’s big hand” (63) Leonie had no idea of his own strength and just wanted Curler to stop beating on him which would’ve happened if all these men were going after him. Go,”” she cried ‘”You let go! ” Leonie was in panic.

His face was contorted. She screamed then and Lien’s other hand covered her mouth and nose. “(91) This too shows that to stop Curlers wife from yelling, he meant to make her stopped. But since he didn’t know his own strength his rage hands over powered her nose and mouth and he suffocated her.

He was defending himself from getting in trouble and just caused more. George stopped many more injuries from occurring by killing Leonie thus making it the right thing to do. Leonie kept making mistakes forcing George and Leonie to always be on the run without sTABLE home, but now that George killed Leonie, he was TABLE to make a sTABLE place for himself because Leonie could no longer get them into trouble. Lien’s mistakes forced the two to move and run from the lace where Leonie made a mess and start all over again with a new job.

Wan’ you anti goanna do no bad things like you done in Weed, George has to tell Leonie while they are on their way to the ranch that he isn’t going to mess things up like he did in weed. It shows George doesn’t want to have to move on again from Lien’s mistakes. “Leonie cried out suddenly- I don’ like this place, George. This anti no good place. I want get out here. ‘”‘ Move goat keep it till we get a stake. We can’t help it, Leonie” (33) Leonie ants to leave already because he doesn’t like it but George says they need to stay to make money.

It shows that Leonie wants to leave and go on the run again but George doesn’t, leading to why George is utter off on his own, now that Leonie is dead. By George killing Leonie himself, he was TABLE to let Leonie die in a more peaceful way. Instead of the other men hurting Leonie in a torturous or scary way Leonie was TABLE to die quickly and painlessly with his best friend right by his side. “Leonie turned his head and looked off across the pool and up the darkening slopes of the Sibilant. “We goon’ get a little place,”” George began” (105) Leonie had the thought of his and George getting their place of their own soon.

He was TABLE to smile at the fact that he’d be happy soon and George was telling him the story just like he always did. ” “an’ you get to tend the rabbits. “” Leonie giggled with happiness. ” (105) Leonie was happy at these thoughts of rabbits being his responsibility. George is painting a beautiful picture in Lien’s head before he leaves the earth. This is peaceful for Leonie and George to know that he went while he was still happy, which o makes this a good decision for George to kill Leonie.

George made a great decision with killing Leonie because his best friend that was such an unusual thing back then, deserved to die with one another by their side. George made Lean?s death more peaceful, and put him out Of getting himself into even more trouble. Also Leonie made a better life for himself so he didn’t have to move about anymore because of Lien’s mistakes. John Steinbeck showed me the true meaning of friendship with this story and I hope to make the right decisions for all the right reasons just like George.

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