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Individual Responsibility Revised

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On March 31, 2004, the Bill C-45 imposed a new level of accountability with a crime record. Responsibility is defined as an individual’s obligations to perform duties they are expected to. Individual responsibility clutters around a person’s ability to take care of oneself by keeping healthy, maintaining a sound mind, controlling self-emotions and treating oneself with respect. Individual responsibilities apply to every person employed at a workplace, from the senior most employees to the least. Whatever they are managers, workers, or officers in committees, they both aim at preventing accident, illnesses and injuries in work place and increasing the safety awareness.

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Individual Responsibility Revised
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While because of different job description, each and every employee is supposed to know and carry out their individual. For any organization to employee someone, it means they value them not to want to lose the hence the need for occupational health and safety policies at all workplaces.

Communication is a first and crucial step for individuals to constantly understand and take their responsibilities.

Organizationally, there are hierarchies that people follow hence this may be misunderstood by some employees that they don’t have sufficient authority to carry out their responsibilities. Therefore all employees should be granted enough authority to handle all their responsibilities and at all costs avoid curtailing factors that may jeopardize the smooth running at work. It is also necessary that individuals put at any position at any work place be having required ability and competence to discharge their responsibilities. A supervisor therefore is put to assess the safety performance of the individuals. This is to bring to the fore the fact that Health and safety is not just an extra part of an employee’s job description but a full-component of that job, that which if not discharged properly, would lead to revocation of the contract.

Employees have a.

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