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Informative Speech Golf Swing

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    Brent Justin Anabeza * Professor Gross * Speech 122 MW * 9-26-12 * Specific Purpose: To teach audience a proper golf swing Outline: Introduction: Attention Material: Question audience, “Has anyone played golf in here or actually plays golf? ” Relate topic to audience: As we get older, we get less active and many people cannot play physical sports or don’t have that stamina that we have at our age to run around and do whatever. Learning a proper golf swing is the stepping stool in the golf world and the beginning of getting into a game that can teach you patience, manners, and relieve your stress.

    Credibility: I am currently being taught by the head pro and I also have been playing golf for a year now and have been working at golf course for about 5 years. Thesis: Today I am going to teach the difference between a proper and incorrect golf swing Forecasting: I will teach you the basic steps and important points of a golfswing. First is the grip, then proper stance, correct ball placement, the back swing, the down swing and follow through. Show video of Charles barkleys swing Body: Transition: Now I will be getting into explaining a proper golf swing.

    I. Grip- Make an L with your left hand and place the club in your palm with the three fingers holding the club down. Now place your thumb in right and lock your pinky with index finger of your left hand. * -According to Zain Pervez PGA apprentice, a correct grip on the club usually allows the ball to be hit further than in correct grip. Transition: Now that you have your grip down, I wll now explain a proper stance. * II . Proper stance- A proper correct stance will allow a better chance to hit the ball straight A.

    Place the club on the ground in front of you with your legs spread about shoulder width apart. B. Now slightly bend your knees so that your knees are directly over the balls of your feet and not over your heels or toes. C. Make sure you have straight back and straight spine and that your weight is at the balls of your feet. Transitions: After getting the correct stance down, proper ball placement is important. III. Proper ball placement- For beginner golfers, practicing with a pitching wedge is highly recommended because its one of the easiest clubs to hit. i.

    The basics about ball placement is that the higher number club you are using the further towards your back foot so since we are using a pitching wedge we will be placing the ball towards the back of our stance ii. According to Matt Munoz Head pro at blue rock springs golf course, ball placement depicts the trajectory of the ball whether it goes into the air or straight on the ground. Transition: Now that we gone through stance and ball placement, its time to work on the actual swing * IV. The Back Swing- The backswing brings the golf club back over the back of the head to get ready to hit the ball.

    A. With the straight back explained in setting up your stance, rotate your torso and bring the club back so that your back is facing your target. B. As you rotate and bring the club back you want to keep your head down, left arm extended, and bring your right arm back into a L shape. Then break your wrist so that the club is behind your head and pointed at your target. C. From this position you should have your front knee slightly bent with 75% weight on it and your shoulder under your chin. Transition: Now with a backswing set up, you are now ready to hit the ball.

    IV. Down Swing and Follow through- From the backswing to the downswing, you will be able to hit the ball off the ground and straight into the air A. From your backswing, , rotate your torso and swing your arms toward the ball to make contact with the ball. B. As you are rotating you want to keep the same spine angle discussed earlier and transfer your weight to your right foot as oppose to your left foot in the backswing. C. Once the ball is hit you do not just stop as most beginners do, you want to follow through.

    According to…… a proper follow through will allow the ball to be hit straight instead of to the right or left. D. To follow through, make sure you are swinging towards the direction you want the ball to go. E. As you are bringing the club up on your follow through, bring the club all the way back behind your and you have now completed your golf swing. Conclusion: Summary This all seems a bit too much to take in but if you go out to the driving rance here and at kennedy golf course or blue rock (where I can you guys free buckets) and follow my steps and practice you should get it in no time.

    Golfing takes practice and lots of dedication, and it takes golfers years to hit balls consistently. With a correct grip, proper stance and backswing and downswing, practicing to hit a golf balls should be a bit more clearer. Practice and more practice will allow you to become a better golfer and following these steps will only help as far as you choose to get into golf. It may be frustrating at first but once you get going you cannot stop. Relating to Audience As you are learning to hit a golf ball you should think of how you will be benefited when you are older.

    You don’t use half the energy you use playing basketball or football. Golf is a very relaxing sport and helps you enjoy the outdoors. It also relaxes your mind and its one of those sports you cant master which makes you want to play more Bibliographic information: 1) Matt Munoz, PGA Golf Professional, Blue Rock Springs Golf Course, Septeber 1, 2012 2) Zain Pervez, PGA Golf Apprentice, Hiddenbrooke Golf Course, September 3, 2012 3) How to Hit a Golf Ball in The Air Johnathan Quartuccio URL: http://www. livestrong. com/article/188398-how-to-hit-a-golf-ball-in-the-air/ *

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