Injuries and Illnesses of Employees

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Investigate on each situation with a neutral party investigator to understand hat happen, get company layover incase employees sue, if company solely at fault inform the workers of the workers compensation available to them and any paid time off for injury offered to them. 3. What advice would you give the owners concerning the company’s obligations under OSHA to record accidents? To have the independent investigator to record the incidents and note any of his findings, all information must be objective, UN-biased, properly illustrating the situation and describing what happen.

All must be reported to OSHA and have a plan/ program and how to go about correcting any further incidents. . Visit www. OSHA. Gob and determine if you can provide any additional information to help make the plant safer. Visiting with the website and seeing all the information and letter that is available to workers to make all kinds of working environment safer, would suggest to make the plant safer workers should have safety trainings every quarter and each employee should be trained to able to identify a safety hazard and be able to report it. . How could Dynamic Duo be issued a citation for an ergonomics violation? Jack Richter says, “l thought Bush got rid of that stupid regulation. What is your response? Ergonomics are important to every company, it cannot be overlooked or ignored, doubt that sort of thing and be gotten “rid” of, so I suggest you follow that up with Mr.. Bush to see why that is the case, in the mean time, fix/ address the citation, correct any changes and once Bush clear that question then you can contest the citation.

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Interpersonal Skills Practice: Making and Refusing Requests Discussion Questions 1 . What are your fears about saying no? Are they realistic or avoidable? The fear of saying no is to not make someone angry or be rude to boss, co-worker, lose hat relationship. Some are realistic and avoidable as well. 2. What are your strengths and weaknesses in refusing requests? What could be improved? My strengths is not care how they may feel about my refusal, my weakness is use “um, uh, can’t” things like that, i. E. Not definitive in saying no.

I could improve on just saying no! And not always having to feel the need to give a reason and feeling guilty. Improve on being more confident. 3. What are your strengths and weaknesses in making requests? What could be improved? Strengths are to tell them what I need done and when, weakness is to be more nonevent and not wish-washy. I could improve and my non-verbal actions when making request, having better eye contact, proper stance, hand gestures and facial expressions. 4. Which situations are most difficult for you, and why?

Situation 1 was more difficult because it’s hard to ask someone who has been doing overtime to do more. Why not ask someone else. It would be difficult to be assertive in that situation because the employee may be upset and almost at a breaking point which may cause more conflict. I use empathetic statements to show consideration for the person Chapter Fourteen – Journal Exercise Purpose: To apply the concepts covered in the chapter to real world situations and to reflect upon what is learned.

Journal Exercise Topic: Evaluate the potential safety hazards and precautionary systems in your work area Safety is a big part of every working environment, not just for the employees’ physical wellness but also their mental well being. If employee feel safe and are aware of the safety protocols, what to do when an incident happens, it makes for a better working environment. Every company has a safety & hazards policies ND procedures program. To evaluate my work area safety hazards and precautionary system I would say that it all generates around employee health and wellness.

We have a safety coordinator that is in charge of all equipment maintenance checks example fire extinguishers, radios, smoke detectors, fire alarms, are all functioning. He is also in charge of all the in-services that include trainings of fire drills, emergency evacuation procedures, bomb threats, weather emergencies etc. When employees are trained in those matters, we feel more safe and confident hen it will come to those situations and no feeling of uncertainty and stress. The safety hazards system of my company really focuses on preventing the incident.

So we are made aware of identifying safety hazards like water spills on floor, heavy equipment being place improperly, broken glass or sharp object that loosely placed, faulty equipment structure, old, rusted and squeaky equipments that may be prone to breaking and may be harmful to others etc. We are also made aware of how to report the incidents through the hooting and the time period that we have to report any injuries due the job. That guideline is also posted throughout the work place so employees can read it and know.

The employees are also made aware the rights, workers com etc due to injury, paid time off etc. Another safety system in my work place is the infections control which includes cleaning and sanitation protocols, preventing spread of illnesses and infections. The transfer of sickness is also a safety hazard so we must make sure all equipments that have been used must be cleaned properly with sanitized wipes and sprays, or if possible we change is covering of that equipment. All surfaces hat have been touches have to be wiped before starting the work day and after closing (i. . Before leaving). Working in health field we are exposed to health issues, blood, bodily fluids, needles and chemicals. Safety protocols is to know where and how to properly dispose of those things. The last evaluation of my company’s safety program is the use of the MASS which is the materials safety data sheet. It is a binder that shows the chemicals that are being used in the work place, what they are made off and what to do if the chemical contacts you or if it is swallowed and the side effects of that action.

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