INS and the Department of Homeland Security in Impounded Fathers

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Despite the duty of the INS – Immigration and Naturalization Services in collaboration with the Department of Homeland Security to perform their tasks, the system is plagued by many flaws. In her essay titled “Impounded Fathers,” Edwidge Danticat draws attention to the unfair circumstances that arise from these organizations. She delves into the immigration system of the United States and its detrimental impact on countless lives. Danticat recounts her personal experience with the system and shares narratives from other immigrants who still endure its consequences.

In her presentation, she addressed the discrimination experienced by individuals from different countries and their American-born children. These children, known as casualties of the immigration crackdown led by the Department of Homeland Security, suffer greatly. Families are torn apart and lives are shattered without thought for their possible future healing. Sadly, these irreversible consequences lead to people losing their loved ones without any hope of reunion.

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This is evident as Edwidge went to great lengths to document various situations that individuals have faced and the sometimes extreme consequences these experiences have had on the families affected, such as torn families, imprisonment, and deportation. In some cases, fathers are forced to work multiple jobs to support two households after the mother is sent back to her home country. Perhaps the most heart-wrenching situation of all is when children are forcibly separated from their parents and placed in foster homes, leaving the parents in a state of uncertainty about the safety and well-being of their children.

Immigrants who come to the United States, which is often referred to as the “land of opportunity,” encounter specific difficulties and expenses.

The main goal of homeland security is to safeguard the nation’s safety and welfare. This entails enacting laws and policies, fighting crime and terrorism, and upholding individual liberties. The department has various responsibilities such as Immigration and Border Security, Cybersecurity, and Counterterrorism.

Disaster Response and Recovery
Within the field of homeland security, there are various specialized areas. Despite different views on international relationships and immigration, the United States faces adversaries. To protect Americans, it is essential to establish policies and systems that prevent attacks and avoid overwhelming national resources. The existing measures aim to prevent incidents like 9/11 and improve preparedness for natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina, with the goal of saving lives and minimizing damage. The role of homeland security continually adjusts to meet the nation’s needs.

Despite focusing on the devastating consequences of current immigration reform on innocent immigrant parents and their American-born children, the essay “Impounded Fathers” highlights the Department’s obligation to maintain the nation’s safety. This responsibility encompasses the removal of illegal residents, albeit many non-criminal individuals, both men and women, have become unintended targets.

Since the operation began, more than 18,000 people have been deported. The operation aims to enforce immigration laws at workplaces and remove unauthorized residents and criminals. Danticat highlights a bill presented by Representative José E. Serrano, a Democrat from New York, which proposes that immigration judges consider the circumstances of American-born children when evaluating their parents’ situations. Irrespective of intent, I believe it is the children who suffer the repercussions.

The fear and anguish experienced by American-born children whose parents are forcibly removed by unidentified individuals asserting authority, without any explanation, can be incredibly terrifying. It is important to acknowledge that the decisions made by parents can have a profound impact on their children. As an immigrant and a parent myself, I deeply empathize with these children and their parents.

The concept of separating families is something that I struggle to accept in any situation. The bill proposed by Representative José E. Serrano has not made any advancements, while simultaneously putting at risk the parents of American citizen children who may face deportation. It is worrisome to consider how these children will perceive their country’s legal system as they grow older and comprehend the distressing circumstances they have experienced.

It is crucial to acknowledge the fate of neglected and mistreated individuals, even as some achieve success. Will they comprehend their circumstances or seek someone to hold responsible? Will they pursue revenge or strive to be accountable members of society? There are various considerations at play. The outcome does not always justify the methods employed. Among those affected by these dire situations are law-abiding immigrants who deserve particular attention, especially when children are involved.

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