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International strategy

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International strategy is important because business is a big factor that affects our world today. Thus business among countries or nations is capable of strategy hence international strategy. With the development of each country and the fast changing of technology, companies are bound into promoting and/or developing strategies. These strategies are more than of a theory but rather a plan that a company develops and works into progress. Each company have their own goal, these goals are achieved by their strategy as a company thus promoting international strategy.

In achieving their goal as a company, competition is part of it.

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International strategy
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Competitiveness among different companies is of which develops their goal and maintaining a balance strategic ways. It is important for a company to maintain their goals and achieve it and to conquer the international market for a bigger profit and growth. In which these factors are applied thoroughly as to increase their competencies as a whole and to consistently provide what their customers needs.

International strategy thus implies to all businesses and helps into the diversity of a company. On the other domestic planning involves the function of managers and the staff utilizing different plans in accordance to which a company is concern.

Both international and domestic planning involves strategy but international strategy’s scope is wider than domestic planning. However, both are in formulation to achieve a goal for competitiveness and consistency in the challenge of growth in company’s profits and their capacity for changes and/or compete with a different strategy with their competitors. Strategic planning is important both internationally and domestically because of its effect and result and as to achieve a goal that will provide improvement and satisfaction.

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