Investigating an Outbreak of Meningitis

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  1. Describe an extra research lab trial that could be used to corroborate the diagnosing of one of the patients who is non infected with meningitis. Blood and urine trials can find certain diseases within the patients who are non affected with meningitis. Your kidneys will egest bacteriums if present in the organic structure and your blood will demo the presence of the disease.
  2. Anthony still insists that he needs an antibiotic to handle his viral infection. Explain to him why an antibiotic will non assist him acquire better. Since Anthony came back positive for the Influenza B virus. antibiotics will non work due to the fact that antibiotics treat bacterial infections. The grippe is a virus and non a bacterial infection.
  3. What safeguards could pupils on a college campus return to forestall acquiring ill and to protect themselves from go throughing unwellnesss back and Forth? College pupils should non come in contact around other pupils who are ill because odds are. the interaction will do the spreading of germs/bacteria/viruses. Besides. pupils should non portion nutrient or drinks points as the taint from the custodies and oral cavity of a ill individual will probably do a non-sick individual to go ill.
  4. Why is information about a patient’s life style and about possible environmental exposures of import when look intoing an eruption? When look intoing. doctors/scientists can happen out the existent ground their patients are ill. They can so extinguish factors and detect if they have any known unwellnesss due to their life style.
  5. What medical intercessions can be used to handle and incorporate the eruption of an infective disease? Medications/drugs and/or interventions can be used to handle and incorporate eruptions of infective diseases. Besides. there are installations where a individual can be isolated as to incorporate them from distributing the disease.
  6. What do you believe is the most likely cause of Sue’s unwellness? Provide grounds to back up your theory. Due to the sum of people she interacted with. it is safe to presume she has caught something from one of her college friends. Her symptoms lucifer those of meningitis taking me to believe that is what she has.

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