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The focal point of my thesis is about the “It’s more merriment in the Philippines” Campaign Slogan. I will discourse to you about why is it more fun in the Philippines. There are already several tourers who proclaims that it is more merriment here in the Philippines. Have you been inquiring why? Well possibly you’re inquiring why because you haven’t been here. Well. to reply all your inquiries. I will province some facts here in my paper about why is it More Fun in the Philippines. I unfeignedly hope that you’ll enjoy reading this and hopefully. I will be able to fulfill your wonder.

First. There are so many beautiful topographic points here in the Philippines like Luneta Park. Burnham Park. Puerto Prinsesa. Boracay. and etc. You will truly bask sing the scenery. I assure you that you will truly appreciate everything that you will see here.

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Second. Filipinos are known as cheerful people. We Filipinos love to smile and laugh. Even though we are burdened by jobs. you wouldn’t notice it for we ever laugh like we don’t have a attention in the universe. We are besides known as hospitable and friendly. Whether you’re a tourer or a fellow Filipino. we’ll certainly welcome you warmly here in the Philippines.

Third. we Filipinos are besides known for our daintinesss. Personally. non being able to savor nutrient here in the Philippines. would be like losing a large portion in my life. You must be believing that i’m exaggerating. but one assure you. one time you taste our nutrient here. you’ll regret everything you thought.

Last. We are besides known for “Bayanihan” . We ever help those who are in demand. For illustration. there’s a catastrophe here in the Philippines. Filipino’s would certainly happen a manner to assist each other. Even though we have jobs ourselves. we’ll ever happen a manner to assist those in demand.

With that. I can reason that It is More Fun in the Philippines.

Background of the Study

This survey aimed to document the production of the Department of Tourism’s ( DOT ) new international touristry run tagline “It’s more merriment in the Philippines” and to research the factors behind the Agency’s determination to tap the Social Media as its primary vehicle in advancing Filipino touristry through the new run motto. The survey likewise assessed the effectivity of the new media scheme in making its mark market – foreign tourers. Open-ended interview ushers were used in procuring information from DOT and the Ad Firm responsible for the development of the new touristry run. A one-page structured-survey questionnaire was used peculiarly in bring forthing feedback from foreign tourers on their consciousness and perceptual experience of the new touristry publicity tagline “It’s more merriment in the Philippines. ”

A narrative of the fortunes and procedure in the production of the new touristry run was made. together with an numbering of the primary grounds behind the pick of the societal media as the platform and channel in engaging the new touristry run. The study consequences showed that the Internet ranks Number 1 as a beginning of information on general affairs and is a close second to friends. relations and colleagues as the beginning of information that influenced the determination of foreign tourers to come to the Philippines. Quizzed and presented the current and the four other past touristry run taglines to find their consciousness of the present run. 47 % of the foreign respondents accurately identified “It’s more merriment in the Philippines” as the current tagline. The respondents similarly rated the current touristry tagline as “highly acceptable” on its entreaty. capacity to pull involvement. rationality. pragmatism. recall installation. and its capacity to be understood.

Finally. the usage of the Internet societal media as the launching tablet and channel for the run may be considered effectual on the evidences that approximately 50 % of the foreign respondents were cognizant of the new run motto. and that 33 % got their information from the Internet. The range of the run in a really short period was already really encouraging. It is recommended that the DOT extend or do its ain study if merely to find the figure of foreign tourers who are attracted to come to the Philippines on history of the new touristry tagline “It’s more merriment in the Philippines. ” There is besides a demand to custom-make a linguistic communication interlingual rendition service in the DOT web site to do the run more virally far making.

Statement of the Problem

1. Make you believe that a touristry run motto plays an of import function in pulling aliens? 2. Make you hold with our run slogan “It’s more merriment in the Philippines” ? 3. Make you believe the DOT run slogan “It’s more merriment in the Philippines! ” is effectual in footings of the touristry reachings in the state? 4. Make you believe that our recent touristry run motto should stay the same or should it be changed?

Significance of the Study

To give information of how the “ It’s More Fun in the Philippines” motto was created or invented. To broaden the cognition of the people about the new slogan run of the Department of Tourism. To cognize if the new motto run is effectual or non the touristry of the Philippines. To cognize what are the jobs encountered by the Department of Tourism sing their new slogan run. To assist the Department of Tourism on how they can advance and better more their run to hold a higher figure of touristry reachings.

Scope and Restrictions of the Study

DOT launched once more a new motto. A line that would be easy understood. “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” is the same as “It’s More Fun in Switzerland” . Harmonizing to Rome ( 2012 ) in her article in The Inquirer. the new touristry motto of the Philippines is deriving more positive reactions from Filipinos since January when the motto was released. The Department of Tourism said it spent P63 Million to purchase good exposure for the campaign’s telecasting advertizement on CNN. that has been aired in Asia. Europe and the United States. “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” has besides launched at the International Travel Bourse in Berlin. which was attended by 1000s of travel purchasers.

The run had already made a long manner from its societal media success where different versions of the motto were posted in the cyberspace. There are some aeroplanes that promote the “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” run by painting the said motto on the outside of the plane. Half-Filipino American Idol Season II second best Jessica Sanchez is now the newest theoretical account of the posting of the Department of Tourism’s huge run. Harmonizing to Department of Tourism ( 2012 ) . since the run of “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” was launched in January. the Department of Tourism stayed positive because of the effects that the slogan gave.

Harmonizing to Secretary Jimenez. There are presently policy reforms to ease the entry of the foreign tourers. substructure developments to better the travel countries within the state. investings for spread outing and bettering the transit. diversion installations and adjustments that will assist the Department of Tourism run into the year-end mark. Harmonizing to IPSOS Philippines. the motto is “communicating its intended messaging that is doing each Filipino proud and state how beautiful the Philippines is. doing people want to go more and see different tourer musca volitanss around the state. and doing people believe and see that it is genuinely more merriment in the Philippines.

Visitor reachings to the Philippines stroked the mark of an all-time high of 1. 148. 072 during the first three months of the twelvemonth. posting an addition of 16. 03 per centum compared to last year’s reachings of 989. 501 for the same period. Deputy presidential interpreter Abigail Valte said the Department of Tourism ( DOT ) undersecretary Ramon Jimenez Jr. has announced the good intelligence that 2. 14 million foreign travelers visited the state from January to June this twelvemonth. The figure was 11. 68 per centum higher compared to the same period in 2011. The local touristry industry targets 4. 6 million tourers by the terminal of the twelvemonth.

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