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Jacobs Kronung Case study: „Jacobs Kronung“ Jacobs Kronung-brand In Germany coffee has become the beverage, which is drunk the most, even more than bier and mineral-water. And beside lots of famous brands like Nescafe, Illy, German has also already created their own coffee brand “Jacobs Kronung”. For more than 40 years this brand has appeared as the most favored coffee of German. In 1895, Johann Jacobs opened in Bremen, Germany, his special shop with coffee, cacao, chocolates, biscuits.

Then they developed their business with own roastfactory and until now they have been succeed to build the most popular German “Jacobs Kronung”- Jacobs coronation. Jacobs has provided coffee with the slogan “Verwohnaroma” – “indulge aroma”. So the coffee aroma plays an essential role in the coffee producing process of Jacobs. It can be estimated, that Jacobs Kronung stand in Germany for the best coffee consumption with the “indulge aroma”, to young just as older coffee consumers.

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In 2000, they came up with a new technology, which makes the coffee aroma be able to be indulged in the cup even more. On the market, there is a Jacobs coffee variety for every taste and mood. The famous Kronung family of coffees provides everything from the deepest rich roast to the mildest blends. Whole bean, ground or instant; caffeinated or decaffeinated; enriched with European chocolate, cream and sugar, Jacobs coffee varieties are a coffee-drinker’s delight.

Communication strategy for the product launching Now the producer Jacobs has decided to extend its business in the new markets of northern Europe (Scandinavian). To bring the Germany coffee into these Northern Europe countries, at first they are supposed to research these market, namely the coffee culture and coffee consumption. In some countries, notably in northern Europe, coffee parties are a popular form of entertainment. Many people like holding coffee parties, where homemade cakes and pastries are served beside coffee.

And link to one of the famous tradition in Germany “Kaffee und Kuchen”, it may be considered as one point for communication strategy. “Kaffee und Kuchen“ or „Kaffeetrinken“ is a traditional meal between lunch and dinner in Germany. And it has also represented the coffee culture in Germany. It may be used for this product launching. In my mind, when the Jacobs coffee is introduced and advertised in Northern Europe, its image can attach to the story about this Phuong Thao Nguyen 1897598 Seite 1 Jacobs Kronung traditional specialty from Germany.

It will help the “made in Germany” coffee to come closer to the northern consumers. With this shared feature in coffee culture Jacobs Kronung products are possible to communicate easier with the consumers in the northern markets. Coffee consumption is also an important aspect for the product launch. It must be research, which kind of coffee is favored in the new market? Which groups are the most coffee consumers? Is there any competitive coffee brand? Slogan and graphic design Firstly I want to describe an original Jacobs coffee package.

As I can see, Coffee is packed with the paper bag, which has a fairly “angular” form. On the package it is printed name of the brand “Jacobs Kronung”. And lower it is the picture of lots of coffee beans with the bigger symbol of “Kronung” – coronation thereupon. Secondly for a new graphic design, I have some ideas to change the old: ? Instead of the picture of the monotone yellow on the coffee beans, it should be designed by being directly made of coffee beans. German are oft seen as the less spontaneous and rigid people, that may be a negative attitude in this case.

And after noticing two separate image of “coffee beans “and “diadem “ on the design the buyer seem be impressed, that German is selling a product, which is “rigid” like them. I think the combination and mixing of these symbols can create a small better changing of image for a Germany product. ? The name “Jacobs” sounds like a typical name of German. Besides the word “Kronung” is a German word, which is written with “o”. With all the experiences, people may percept, that “Jacobs Kronung” is a very German brand’s name.

And there is also the stereotype, German always attaches special importance to the quality of product and the “made in Germany” products are trusted. Therefore this name should be kept on the package, but I have an idea, that the small diadem (above “Kronung”) should be omitted. Because there is already the bigger one, which is made of coffee beans. ? Besides we can change the color of the coffee bag to every country. Because color can has also influence on decide of the buyer. People percept each color differently. It may depend on the culture of each country or the memories of each person.

So the color of the package may be changed to match with the culture of the northern countries. Phuong Thao Nguyen 1897598 Seite 2 Jacobs Kronung ? Ultimately I suggest two slogans ? One of them is “Enjoy Jacobs Kronung – crowned even higher than bier”. Base on the famousness of Germany bier, I want to lay stress on the quality of Jacobs coffee in comparing with bier. Germany has been famous for bier and its quality, but now people should pay attention at another beverage else, which has The other one is “Jacobs aroma – beside your cake”.

As I mentioned, “Kaffee und Kuchen” is not only a tradition in Germany, but it appears also in the coffee culture of the northern Europe. From this Tradition this slogan occur me. It recalls one in common cultural feature between Germany and the northern Europe. Besides it also stresses the aroma of Jacobs coffee, that this brand is famous for. ? With some new own ideas, one day I will perhaps try to design a new graphic for Jacobs Kronung. And it may become a good suggest to change the design and slogan of this major coffee brand. Phuong Thao Nguyen 1897598 Seite 3

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