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Julie’s Bakeshop began in 1981 as a small neighbourhood bakeshop founded by Diegs and Julia Gandionco. With effective business strategies, they successfully opened 10 branches in Cebu within three years, and by 1988, their first branch outside of the province was opened. After a decade of hard work, the first franchise was opened in Camiguin, paving the way for nationwide expansion. Today, there are over 500 Julie’s bakeshops across the country. The company is composed of three divisions: the Supply and Logistics Division, Corporate Shared Services Division, and Franchise Division. Under the leadership of Joseph R. Gandionco, Julie’s Bakeshop is intensifying its operations and undergoing a rebranding process to transform the look of its branches. The company is also working on developing new bread recipes while keeping prices affordable for the mass market. Julie’s Bakeshop’s success is largely attributed to its franchising program, which allows franchisees to have a bakeshop up and running in no time after undergoing intensive training and workshops.

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From its humble beginning as the neighbourhood bakeshop, Julie’s Bakeshop has turned into one of inspiring success story. With constant brand mixing and innovation, Julie’s Bakeshop is now on its 30th year in the business of providing quality and freshly baked breads and pastries.

Julie’s Bakeshop History

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Diegs and Julia Gandionco established Julie’s Bakeshop in 1981. The couple were able to systematically use effective business strategies to build its name. Julie’s Bakeshop was able to open 10 branches all over Cebu within the span of three years. It was in 1988 when the first branch outside the province of Cebu was opened. After a decade of hardwork and delicious breads, the first franchise was opened in Camiguin. This paved the way for its nationwide expansion in the coming years. Regarded as the most successful neighbourhood bakeshop chain, there are currently over 500 Julies bakeshops all over the country.

Julie’s Company Profile

There are three Julie’s companies: RJ and Sons Enterprises, Julie’s Manufacturing Corporation and Julie’s Franchise Corporation. All of these three companies merged and eventually become Julie’s Franchise Corporation in July of 2003. It has three divisions which include the Supply and Logistics Division, Corporate Shared Services Division and of course the Franchise Division.

Julie’s Bakeshop 30th Anniversary

Under the leadership of Joseph R. Gandionco, Julies Bakeshop is all geared up to intensify the different aspects of operations. First step was to do away with the old-baker moms cartoon face and created a more mature facade for its bakeshop. This is part of the re-branding process to transform the entire look of all the Julie’s Bakeshop branches. It carries a modern look of soft Mediterranean. Product research and development plans are already in the works to come up with additional recipes of bread from the 200 recipes of bread being offered today. But Julie’s will keep the prices at an affordable level especially for the mass market.

Julie’s Bakeshop Stores/ Franchising

In the year 2000, Julie’s saw the potential of franchising and the company formed Julie’s Franchise Corporation. Franchising was the key to the fast expansion of Julie’s Bakeshop and its current market leadership. The initial franchise fee of 250,000 Php along with the mandatory market study, with these simple requirements a franchisee will have a Julie’s Bakeshop up and running in no time. The staff and franchisees will undergo intensive training, seminars-workshops plus hands-on product handling. The training will highlight the Julie’s way of achieving high quality products, excellent service and customer satisfaction.

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