Literature as a Tool in knowing the Importance of a Family Essay

Literature as a Tool in knowing the Importance of a Family

            Students go to school so that they will learn and be educated. However there are some things that we can learn from books too and other written materials which we need not to look over in the school but rather in bookstores and libraries. Does literature teaches us the value and importance of a family? In such argument, I think it is better to agree than settle the matter disagreeing when I do know that it is true.

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Literature as a Tool in knowing the Importance of a Family
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The heart understands what the mind failed to believe. In Lorraine Hansberry’s playwright entitled “A Raisin in the Sun”, the importance of family and love for the family is clearly depicted in the actions of the main characters and how they act towards one another despite of the fact that they quarrel most of the times about money and the insurance of their dead father. In the end, realizing the importance of family in their hearts brought them closer to each other and understanding the dreams each of them is trying to achieve.

Racism has always been a problem in the society. With people looking down in the color of the skin and not in how they were able to live their lives and how intelligent they are, it is quite impossible not to mid these people who dos not seem to know the value of respect. One of the themes in the playwright is racism which was also the reason why the leading family encountered a lot of problems. With different views in mind, the family members was able to have one reason to hold on, their love for each other gave them the chance to understand what the mind failed to value. While there are other issues which almost torn the family apart, they were able to hold on and as the face each challenges, they were able to give importance to each other.

If we are in trouble and our minds are commonly affected with fear and uneasiness, the heart though feels the same will always make us understand that with love, hoping will be easy. We can never hide it nor deny the fact that deep down in our hearts, we can find love that is endless; it just silently waits for its turn to be noticed by the owner. There will always be a time when all we have to do is think about the things happening around us and as we slowly lose our faith that everything will be alright, we will find ourselves clinging to the arms of our family. Literature finally gives us one of the best lessons in life that we must know. Teaching us the importance of the family through creative ways with no hesitation on how the audience will react on it, literature as a tool in understanding family gave a good lesson to the public. Although we need not to study the importance of our families, literature depicted a realistic setting which will make us realize that in a normal setting, it is not new that people encounter problems, probably it has been the kind of life people kept on dealing and the family they have is that one thing that gives them strength to still hold on.

The family that sticks with each other until the end would most probably be successful in all trials and hardships that will come their way. Literature had been a good tool in understanding the importance of a family. Setting as an example for the general public, it allows us to have a glimpse of what a good family is and how we can be able to understand the lives that we have. While it does not force us to understand what it wants us to know, it makes us see that in this life, family is the first and foremost friend and supporters. Literature teaches us the importance of family, I do this agree on that matter as we use and Hansberry’s playwright as basis of the argument. It is because it was able to shows us and make us understood that in the end, it will always be our family who will stand before us and save us from those who wanted to hurt us. The love we feel for each other will remain until forever and that is the reason why we completely stick to each other despite of differences and conflicts.

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