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Laboratory Records For Many Uses

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    The steps I would cover with my new interns of laboratory notes are that they should have their laboratory notebook because laboratory notes is used for many purposes. It keeps a record of their work, observations, methods, design, and results when working in lab or on their own research. Because that practice prepares them to carry legal and ethical implications. Also, the laboratory notes must show evidence that this research was done by using this theory, idea, or example model so that one can claim it’s rights on their own research/innovation. Further, the notes should be kept in manner that one can easily access, a writing utensil like pen/ink should dry fast, pencil is unusable because it can smudge and can get hard to read over time because the experimental data/research are important, and the notes should be clear, reliable, and accurate.

    I would have my interns find scientific literature sources that are selective, accurate, and complete. Look for sources that are directly relevant and central to the purpose of research and they must be cited. By citing the relevant published work of fellow researchers, its information must be linked to the scientific archive in that field. A scientific paper includes list of their references, authors, and publisher. However, scholarly journals are one of the scientific sources I would prefer to have them find because it provides the bibliographic items such as, title, title of periodical, volume and issue number, page range, and electronic information. Applying same theories at certain areas into graduate school dissertation is one of the issue that might rise.

    The graduate school research reports might be done differently than from Initech research reports. However, my graduate school dissertation would be structured differently from Initech research reports in few ways. The thesis of research reports you know from undergrad are where you search for a topic and then analyze and comment on the information you have collected and how it relates to the subject in question. The purpose of the thesis is to demonstrate your ability to think critically about a subject and to discuss the information in depth knowledgeably. In contrast, in a dissertation, you use research from others merely as a guide to your unique hypothesis, theory, or concept and prove it. You are attributed to the bulk of the information in a dissertation. This information is very helpful. Because it help sharpen the abilities in critical and creative thinking and writing skills, which we need in graduate school or workplaces’ excellence.

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