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Letter of Recommendation fo Students

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Letter of Recommendation

            As the owner and Chief Executive Officer of Athina, I have had the opportunity to work with a diverse group of people and numerous subordinates. As such, their faces and their contribution to the company are hard for me to pinpoint once that person’s name is mentioned. Some of these people are usually on a “come and go” basis, a term I use to refer to those interns who stayed and worked in my company for a period of time.

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Letter of Recommendation fo Students
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And although these interns have tried their best to serve the company, only a few of them left their marks for the company to remember. Among these interns whom I will never forget is Jung Ho.

            Jung Ho applied and got accepted in my trading company, Athina. He worked as my secretary for three months, starting from July 1, 2006 to August 30, 2006. Although he was just an intern, he quickly learned the pace within the workplace. He worked right beside me, so I had the chance to fully know him and I can say that he has the characteristics, skills and talents that he would need to become a Law student.

            One of the best things that I could remember about Jung Ho was his ability to easily get along with others, even in such a short time. He quickly learned the names of other employees and supervisors that he worked with in the office. I think this was good for him because some of the interns before were either confined to their own corners or were only talking to their co-interns. Moreover, Jung Ho had been the epitome of a hard-working person. Maybe he worked hard for his grades or for some reasons, but he did his own contributions for the company. He always had a smile for everyone in the workplace. He always ensured that by the time I get in the office, everything was in order. Jung Ho was also well-educated in economics, and displayed thorough knowledge within this field. He was my secretary, but he also willingly lent his help by sharing with us what he knew and offering suggestions when asked. Jung Ho was also organized in everything he does and was generally good in managing his time. In addition, he was also a very logical thinker.

            With these qualities in mind, I am confident in saying that Jung Ho would do well at Law school. Throughout the months that he worked for me, I have seen his dedication to his work and he did his tasks responsibly. I also believe that his personality and his views of the world will greatly contribute to the diversity of the law school who will accept him.

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