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Recommendation letter from employer

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Dear Sir/Madame;

            This is to certify that Mr. Khoi To Puc has been working full time for Computer Science Consulting Vietnam (CSCV) as a Principal Quality Control from 01 May 2007 up to present. He is an excellent employee being in charge for working on Backbone QA Project with the role Quality Assurance Leader in CSCV. Backbone QA is a project to control quality of NetVault Backup System which supports Backup and Restore data on multiple platforms (Windows, Linux, UNIX…), CPU Architecture (Intel, SPARC, POWERPC…), databases (Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, Informix…) and storage devices.

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Recommendation letter from employer
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It is a requirement to for a member to be knowledgeable about Software Testing, Operating System and database.

Mr. Khoi was able to prove himself during the time that he was working in the project. He shows good leadership skills and manages to work and motivate employees at the same time.

During the time working in the project, Mr. Khoi has proven himself a skillful, hard working, motivated employee.

Leading a group of 5 persons to reach the high demand from clients is such an easy thing for Mr. Khoi. He is a hard worker and a goal oriented individual. He maintains good working relationship with his superiors and subordinates at all time. He always receives respect from his team members.

In addition to this, he became the representative of the Vietnam team to work in London for 6 months. His performance is really outstanding which made the client rally impressed He has an optimistic attitude and considers every work load as a challenge for him to become a better professional. His passion for work is intense and he wanted to explore more horizons concerning other fields which will contribute to his current and future work.

The success of Backbone QA Project will not be made possible without the participatuion of Mr. Khoi. He is truly an asset to our company and I believe he will also be one once he is admitted in the scholarship program. The program will be of great help to Mr. Khoi to enhance more of his skills and for him to gain more knowledge on different fields. Through Information Technology, the world will continue to progress and I believe Mr. Khoi is one competent learner that could benefit from the scholarship program. All the lessons that he will accumulate will be use for future work and will contribute a lot to Vietnam IT in the near future.

As an employer, I recognize and recommend Mr. Khoi who seeks more than a career. He continuously looks for ways to improve his skills and make his mark in the IT industry. It is my belief that a stronger education through the scholarship program will help him to succeed.

Yours Truly,

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