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Questions: 1. Saima has proved that certain calling myths are non ever existent. After a careful analysis of the instance. what do you believe which calling myths has she ascertained? Saima has ascertained two types of calling myths. First one is all Saima has to make is picking a calling and she thought that things will be set after that. Choosing a calling is a hard undertaking. but there are tonss more to make after that. This calling myth is so the most destructive because the individual does non cognize what will be consequence of this calling pick. We frequently see the people who had the same myth but after certain period of clip. they became unsuccessful. Peoples must hold a clear thought and the future facets of their chosen calling. Thingss are non changed automatically ; they are people who change them ( Brolin. 2009 ) . Interest degree decides the things to be changed in a positive manner. Second is that. if her parents were happy in a field which they wanted to be in the field of technology. she was happy excessively. This myth is wholly failed because everyone is different and what works for one individual would non basically work for another. If parents want to get down calling harmonizing to their ain want. so is the duty of immature people to convert them about what is their involvement and how can they have a successful calling way ( Farr. 2007 ) .

On the other manus. those who think merely to do happy their parents. they can neither accomplish what they want nor fulfill the successfully the desires of their parents because of deficiency of involvement. Furthermore. parents should besides see that the fact that their preferable calling can non needfully be a good tantrum for their kids. There is a demand that both parents and their kids realize that it is non a struggle of determination devising. it’s really the development of calling which has a strong base with self satisfaction of kids every bit good as return into history the advice of the parents. Despite following these calling myths. Saima should hold concentrated on her degree of involvement and convinced her parents about what was she really want to make. If she did it. her parents could decidedly believe about it. But she made error and destroyed her bound calling. She got her grade on what her parents wanted. i. e. in Mechanical Engineering but she still feels that it is non the good suited profession for her. This is the biggest loss for her.

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Questions: 2. Parents are the impersonal yet responsible party who know the best of their kids but at the terminal everyone has his/her ain life. What do you believe that parents’ finding of fact in choice of calling way leads to long term felicity or Saima should hold followed her ain pick? A suited calling sometimes can do an overall difference to life of anyone. Therefore so as to hold a better and successful hereafter. many pupils must speak about calling with their instructors and parents. To me. listening to guidance and sentiment of parents is important. but it is better for pupils to take determination based on their ain involvements ( Karl. 2001 ) . No uncertainty. parents and instructors have a hue experience and they have been lasting in the society for a long clip. parents and instructors have much more consciousness about what is good and bad for their kids and pupils ( Brolin. 2009 ) . They understand what callings are better for the full hereafter. They tell their ain narratives and experience and assist the younger coevals to avoid unneeded determinations. Most of import. they teach the childs to understand the worlds and to get away from “Utopia” ( Farr. 2007 ) .

But. despite of these facts. pupils must take their ain determinations about their future calling in order to hold satisfaction that the calling is chosen by their ain. Merely follow the instructions of seniors can non vouch the occupation satisfaction. Therefore while taking calling. the pupils should besides believe what they want. Furthermore. they need to take their capablenesss. potencies and strong positions into history. In my sentiment. there is no difference between choosing a parents-preferred calling and contending for an idealistic dream. The appropriate determination is that pupils must take a calling that is better for their involvements every bit good as adopts suggestions of their parents at the same clip ( Karl. 2001 ) . Unfortunately. pupils have a conflicting state of affairs with their parents sing calling orientation. Parents must besides see the involvement degree of their kids because calling determination is the really of import point for the full faculty member every bit good as professional life. The determination sing calling by pupils can ensue in some valid concerns ( Brolin. 2009 ) .

However. it can decidedly profit when parents help to do their determination ; the function of parents play a important function in constructing up determinations of kids so. Besides. immature people are ever attracted towards attractive things in this hazardous immature portion of life. Consequently. they are less likely to take suited determination about their life. Saima should hold followed her ain pick every bit far as her calling is concerned. Although parents have a immense experience and they ever want the best for their kids but I believe that no 1 can understand desire of a individual more than him/her ego. Students should be encouraged to follow a calling which they want to hold. as everyone has a right to take determinations chiefly about calling orientation but parents advice is besides important.


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