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In student-centered learning, teachers aim to make students more engaged and active in the classroom by encouraging interaction among them, setting individual goals, and using various activities like debates, discussions, and field trips. The focus is on understanding and applying the knowledge gained, rather than just covering the course material. On the other hand, teacher-centered learning is a traditional approach where teachers choose the course material based on the curriculum, and students’ success is measured by comparing their individual performance with their peers. The lecture follows a strict format, and classroom objectives are based on the amount of material covered, not necessarily on the level of learning achieved by each student.

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Emphasizing the student’s needs and preferences

Student-centered learning is a progressive teaching method that aims to enhance students’ understanding of the material they are studying and its significance. The objective is for students to actively interact with each other in the classroom. Instead of comparing students to their peers, teachers evaluate individual performance. In this approach, teachers encourage students to establish their own educational objectives. Rather than specifying the syllabus content, they outline the knowledge that students will acquire upon completing the course. Teachers promote learning through activities such as debates, discussions, mentoring, field trips, portfolios, and self and peer evaluations. By incorporating these activities, teachers strive to equip students with versatile skills that can be applied in various aspects of their lives.

The teacher is the main focus of teaching.

In the classroom, educators typically use a teacher-centered approach to learning. This teaching method involves structure as teachers choose course material based on the required curriculum. Student success is determined by comparing individual performance to their classmates. The focus in this type of classroom is on the instructor who follows a strict lecture format while students listen attentively. Students usually work on assignments individually, resulting in a quiet classroom environment. Classroom objectives revolve around covering specific material rather than assessing each student’s level of understanding. All students are expected to achieve the same learning goals set by the information covered in class.

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