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The Book Legacy by Sean T. Smith, Is a Story Centered on a Man Named Nwarht



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    The book Legacy by Sean T. Smith, is a story centered on a man named Nwarht. His mission in the story, was that of revenge. This mission, eventually evolves around the other major characters in the story; Bryce; the young lab scientist, Jessica; the daughter of the director of the Federal Investigation Center, Dr. Bustos; Jessica’s father, Major Lucas; a Navy Seal Officer working for Dr Bustos, J.W. Duarte; one of Jessica’s acquaintances, David; the alien, and the duo of Rick and Sarah; friends and workers at the Luno Base.

    The story began on a note of suspense, but in a passive, yet interesting manner. It then began to include the characters one after the other. Soon, an interwoven web of events emanated. The good thing, however, was that these events seemed independent, and yet related at every phase of the story. The reading tempo was definitely high, and the story had the potential of keeping you glued to its pages. So interesting was the storyline that I didn’t realize when I got to the end. And it did end on a note of suspense. Sean .T. Smith wrote a book I find as rare amongst books we find today on our bookshelves. Therein, he brings to light the importance of relationships, the values attached to friendships, the goals set by an individual to meet up with the expectations of others, especially, one’s parents. Others include the importance of not underestimating others, and the grief one bears as a result of the loss of loved ones. The story was a combination of humor, suspense, and action.

    The book was well edited and had no erotic scenes, but had few typos here and there. These were mainly slightly misspelled words and few omissions. There was also a single occurrence of a vulgar word. Other than that the book was a wonderful piece to read.

    What I loved about the book were its spellbinding abilities. It was a beautiful story, well written, carefully and expertly blended. It’s indeed a credit to Sean. T. Smith.

    What I disliked most about the book were the concepts portrayed in the course of the story; the creation of humans by aliens, the presentation of death as a DNA that is triggered in humans at a certain time of their lives, the appearance of the dead to the living, and so many other instances. I know that it is a Sci-fi story, but please permit me to include here, that we must be careful, not to contort the truths that have existed even before the foundations of the world were laid. There is a God, and HE created ALL things.

    I am rating the book four out of four stars . The book had a few typos but it’s not bad enough to rate it less. I stand to be corrected on this though. The story was a beautiful one and I learned quite a lot of lessons from it.

    I am recommending the book to book lovers, especially those above 18, who have a solid knowledge of the truth and can read through the story without being affected by the concepts presented through the storyline.


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