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New York Stories Trilogy-Life Lessons Short Film

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  • Pages 4
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    New York Stories Trilogy-Life Lessons Short Film

    Life Lessons, one of the three meaning stories from the movie New York Stories, on which is depiction of a sensible tale, happened in New York City. As one of the three consequential stories in the film, it can be argued that New York Stories Life Lessons segment is the finest of the three divisions of the movie, on which it gives a fair picture on artists struggles to its creative process as the primary source of artistic masterpieces and its relation on the human characteristics of selfishness to pursue personal objective and goal. The segment Life Lessons is a depiction of profound tale, which tells the story of a great painter/artist and his struggles through reliable creative process. Just like the normal people artists do have struggles on their own, more of the scenes in the movie are representation of a profound artistic struggle, on which made more colorful by pressure on work expectation and emotional heart feelings. Essentially, the segment story of the Life Lessons, love or heart emotional turmoil is the revealing factor, on which was emphasize as the answer on the artistic struggle of the lead artist character. Nevertheless, the Life Lessons segment of the New York Stories Anthology depicts that emotional thoughts plays a profound and vital role in the entire creative process of the artists.      (, Inc.)

    Among the three, the Life Lessons by director Martin Scorsese had the most positive reviews and feedback from different noteworthy movie critics as well as fanatics. In the three stories of the film, the Life Lessons segment by director Martin Scorsese is visibly clear as a depiction of artistically profound work of art, on which director Martin Scorsese had used his usual power of profound application of cinematography that made every scene stylistically and cinematographically effective to transmit a message. Nevertheless, director Martin Scorsese segment Life Lessons has its social relevance, as it gives a fair picture on human characteristics of selfishness to pursue personal objectives and goal, with the use of the artistic struggle of the lead artist character in the story of Life Lessons.

    In a brief summary, Life Lessons segment in the movie New York Stories, tells the story of a New Yorker artist Lionel Dobie, a highly praised abstract painter who was having struggles on his creative process to compose a painting for one of his biggest and fast approaching art exhibit in New York. Talented movie actress Rosanna Arquette, on the other hand, played as Paulette, the apprentice/assistant and ex-lover of Lionel Dobie, on which he still have emotional feelings, but Paulette mean nothing more than the guidance or support of Lionel. The movie moves depicting the conflicts between Lionel and his assistant Paulette, where Paulette had several affairs from other local artists and Lionel is having a hard time to get through his artistic struggle. Moreover, the interesting twists of the movie reveals in the scene where Lionel had discover his answer to his artistic struggle, which he found through his emotional turmoil, he gets with his relationship. In the end, the human characteristics of selfishness are clearly visible, on which Paulette and Lionel had used each other for their own objective goal. (, Inc.)

    In accordance to the segment Life Lessons in the movie New York Stories, the story or the entire film depicts the artistic process as representation of human feeling and current situation. In the film, Lionel had used his emotional turmoil to compose most of his painting, scheduled for his major art exhibit. With this, it is fair enough that Life Lessons as a segment in the movie New York Stories defines artistic process as the representation of artists emotional feelings.

    Moreover, the film New York Stories and its Life Lessons segment tells that art, as the artists artistic composition, was motivated by the various emotional feelings and current state or situation of their life in a specific time. In the story of the movie, Lionel Dobie as the struggling artist had realized that he was more motivated to do his paintings through his emotional turmoil, he had with his ex-lover and apprentice/assistant, on which he was able to do most and productive when his in the feeling of in despair with love.

    In the end, the movie leaves a concrete social message, on which says that human characteristics of selfishness is a depiction of the true attitude of person to achieve personal objective goal in life. Nevertheless, the film New York Stories and the segment Life Lessons, says that artist are just like one of the usual person, aside from creative and artistic profound capability, they as well encounter struggle just as every human being does.

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